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These memes are completely SFW, catered to a refined audience, so we’re sure you’re going to enjoy them. Here are the best anti jokes.

Confuse your friends: Send them these anti-jokes today

Some of the best jokes aren’t supposed to be funny. If you share our refined taste for memes, you’ll probably enjoy this fine selection. All these memes are ideal to send to your acquaintances if you want to have them stare at you with utter confusion.

These memes are completely SFW, catered to a refined audience, so we’re sure you’re going to enjoy them. We’d like to thank Reddit – and particularly r/antimemes – for being such an important part of our lives.

Totally dead

OMG. Like . . . this would be so crazy. It would literally be insane, y’know? It’s like super creepy or something. This is honestly so real – a major letdown.


Can the pumpkin say other stuff, too? Maybe the larger pumpkin can also speak Spanish. The small pumpkin is really cute, though. We really wish we could ask it “¿qué te pasa, calabaza?” (You can look for that at Urban Dictionary.)

Not a single soul

This is what it’s like, actually. It’s time we learn that no one looks like this. It doesn’t matter where you’re at – not a single soul looks like that. This is the best depiction of what it’s like when you’re literally no one.

What we want for our society

If only every country would join in and make this a reality, this is what our society could look like. Sure, it wouldn’t be easy – but it’s definitely possible to make our society look a little bit more like that. Honestly, what’s stopping us?

Oh, no!

Isn’t that the worst? It sucks when you try really hard to get to the top, but fail completely. This goes to show that even when we try to be really careful and plan ahead, things can fall apart anyway. It’s okay, though – you can start again with a different strategy.


It’s extremely important to understand that when things are not a drill it could be life-saving. It’s crucial everyone understand the difference, especially when there’s an emergency. Maybe it’s obvious to some – but others might feel confused about the similarities. This meme might help you see how a drill doesn’t look.

So many levels

Even if you haven’t been through this, you might imagine experiencing a similar scenario. It’s comforting knowing that someone out there could be speaking to a person on so many levels like that. We’re glad to know someone might speak to us even if we’re really low or at the highest point.


There’s just nothing else that we could’ve expected from this. Honestly, that’s what a real fan looks like. We’re not trying to say that different fans are not okay, too! There might be other types of fans out there, but there’s no denying that’s a true fan – a big one.

Instant death

There’s nothing left for us to do here. We’d be very sorry in that situation, but there’s not much else to it. What are the options, really? Maybe we could try not to die, but most likely we’d be dead.


Other options are definitely imaginable, but that bee covered most of them. It’s really the best alternative to achieve its goal. What else could bees be doing? Hypercubes? Overall, we do agree hexagons would optimize the design.


We just couldn’t disagree with him. Whether we like it or not, it is what it is. What can we say, really? He’s completely right – that is paper. We’re not so sure why he’s so excited, though.

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  • D: the kid in the last one was about to do drugs?
    This is wrong, omg.

    August 3, 2020

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