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In preparation for 'Anne with an E' season 3 on Netflix, we've created a guide for fans as you enjoy every moment of the new season.

‘Anne with an E’: Netflix guide for season 3

It’s finally here! In preparation for season 3 of Anne with an E, we have watched and rewatched the first two seasons and analyzed season 3’s trailer in preparation for this day. The weekend schedule is cleared, the snacks are gathered, and we are so ready for a full Anne with an E binge. 

Moira Walley-Beckett‘s Anne with an E managed to identify a void in quality television for the YA audience. The period drama uses carefully developed characters to tackle very real issues, still facing teens today. In contrast to many series aimed at the YA crowd, Anne with an E never dumbed down content, honoring the maturity and intelligence of their audience. 

After all of that schedule clearing and settling in, we created a guide for fans as they enjoy every moment of the new season. We’re going to take this weekend to bask in the joy of our Anne with an E. We feel like that’s what Anne would do.

Most importantly: How to watch Anne with an E season 3

Anne with an E season 3 premiered Friday, January 3rd on Netflix worldwide. Our Canadian friends were already to watch the season on CBC in Canada. In the US, the entire new series was released at 12 AM PST, where Netflix headquarters are located. In the UK, the series was available as of 8 AM GMT on Netflix. VPN users can find Anne with an E on CBC’s streaming platform, Gem.

Just like S1 and S2, Anne with an E season 3 consists of ten 45-minute episodes. 

Are all of our old friends back?

Most of the main cast of Anne with an E is back for the third season: 

Amybeth McNulty (Anne Shirley), Geraldine James (Marilla Cuthbert), R. H. Thomson (Matthew Cuthbert), Dalila Bela (Diana Barry), Corrine Koslo (Rachel Lynde), Lucas Jade Zumann (Gilbert Blythe), Aymeric Jett Montaz (Jerry Baynard), Dalmar Abuzeid (Sebastian “Bash” Lacroix), Cara Ricketts (Mary Lacroix), Joanna Douglas (Miss Muriel Stacy), Kyla Matthews (Ruby Gillis), Cory Grüter-Andrew (Cole Mackenzie), and Miranda McKeon (Josie Pie). 

New characters for season 3?

Anne with an E season 3 does introduce some new faces as well. Notably, Ka’kwet (Kiawenti:io Tarbell). Ka’kwet is introduced in episode 4. Living in a community of Native people, we soon learn that the residents of Avonlea are unwelcoming to Ka’kwet and the Mi’kmaq people as a whole, treating them like “savages” and “heathens”. 

Brandon Oakes and Dana Jeffrey also join the cast for season 3’s Mi’kmaq storyline. Consistent with the rest of the series, Anne with an E doesn’t shy away from stories about the injustices throughout history and now. 

Ka’kwet reflects the plight of the natives who were forced to abandon their culture and identity to assimilate into the society created by the colonizers. The Mi’kmaq people that Ka’Kwet and her community introduce to the series were indigenous to Canada’s Prince Edward Island.

Where did S2 of Anne with an E leave us?

Anne with an E isn’t really a show of cliffhangers, and with the exception of Cole’s decision to leave Avonlea, there are few threads unraveled. 

At the conclusion of S2, Anne definitively announced her plan to become a teacher, inspired by her beloved Miss Stacy. Anne and Gilbert made up (thank goodness), and Gilbert decided to become Avonlea’s first doctor. We finally have hope for a romance between the two, despite Anne’s dismissal of Cole when he told her Gilbert was into her.

What’s in store for season 3 of Anne with an E?

As season 3 begins, Anne turns 16. She becomes determined to learn more about her birth parents and her family history, making both Matthew and Marilla conflicted with her desire to explore more of her life outside of Green Gables. 

Once again, breaking from the original story, Anne with an E introduces the Mi’kmaq nation to the people of Avonlea, causing both tension and new relationships. Anne’s fight to make the world a better place continues as she befriends Ka’kwet and her community. Meanwhile, Anne’s class enters their senior year, and some prepare for college entrance exams, and the next chapters of their lives.

Does Anne with an E season 3 have an episode breakdown?

S3E1: “A Secret Which I Desired to Divine”

As Anne’s sixteenth birthday approaches, she meets a new friend from the nearby Mi’kmaq village, and decides her next quest is to learn more about her lineage.

S3E2: “There is Something at Work in My Soul Which I Do Not Understand”

Anne’s search takes her back to her former orphanage. Mary’s son Elijah pays a visit to Avonlea. Gilbert meets a pretty and unusual young woman, Miss Winifred Rose.

S3E3: “What Can Stop the Determined Heart”

As Easter approaches, Mary falls seriously ill. The community of Avonlea must come together in new ways to respond. The government opens a new residential school in Halifax.

S3E4: “A Hope of Meeting You in Another World”

Matthew permits Anne to continue her search for information about her birth parents, despite Marilla’s misgivings. Bash searches for Elijah in Charlottetown. Diana rebels against her parents and yearns for freedom.

S3E5: “I Am Fearless and Therefore Powerful”

The school kids practice for the upcoming County Fair barn dance, sparking new feelings between Gilbert and Anne. Jerry walks Diana home from school, and a potential romance begins.

S3E6: “The Summit of My Desires”

Avonlea hosts the Island County Fair, where Anne visits a fortune teller. Matthew goes head to head with an old friend, while Jerry seizes a unique opportunity.

S3E7: “A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good”

Anne’s opinion article isn’t received quite as she planned, and unforeseen consequences affect the entire town. Josie makes a brave decision. Anne and Diana are driven apart by a secret.

E3E8: “Great and Sudden Change”

The students sit for the Queen’s entrance exams, and Diana is torn between going to Queens and obeying her parents’ wishes. Bash’s mother comes to Avonlea.

S3E9: “A Dense and Frightful Darkness”

Matthew and Anne journey to bring Ka’kwet back. Gilbert is pressured to choose: Anne or Winifred? Bash and his mother argue about their differences.

S3E10: “The Better Feeling of My Heart”

Anne steps into the next chapter of her life. Gilbert makes his decision.

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