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So who is Annabelle? Why should we be terrified of the real life haunted doll? Here are the answers to those important questions.

Did the real Annabelle doll escape? Everything she could be doing

The idea of your toys getting up and moving around was charming as a kid. After all, Toy Story made it look like an adventure! The reality of it, if you believe in the supernatural, is a lot more terrifying. For those interested in such stories, there are dozens of tales of dolls that have been possessed by spirits and the terrifying actions that happen from it.

The most famous of these, of course, is Annabelle. While she is purposefully terrifying in the film series based on the stories surrounding her, the real Annabelle doll is a Raggedy Ann doll. Now there was a rumor going around that this ultra-possessed doll had escaped from her home in the Warren’s Occult Museum (Ed and Lorraine Warren took possession of the dollar), but that’s not the case.

So who is Annabelle? Why should we be terrified of the real life haunted doll? Why did we think that she had escaped a museum to wreak havoc across the East Coast of the US? Here are the answers to those questions.

A brief history of the real Annabelle doll

In 1970, a student nurse was given Annabelle by her mother as a present. Shortly after receiving the doll, odd occurrences began to happen around the apartment where she lived with her roommate. Strange notes appeared, the doll moving on its own, odd dreams and malicious attacks, it all happened. A psychic medium told the woman that a child named Annabelle possessed the doll. 

Now paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren didn’t believe that. The theory that the Warrens put forth is that Annabelle is possessed by a demon. Demons, after all, take the form of something weaker and harmless in order to get people to trust them. So the Warrens took Annabelle with them and placed her in their occult museum. 

This is, of course, a very brief history of Annabelle. The whole story is pretty wild all things considered. In fact, people believe that others have died after making fun of or challenging Annabelle on some level. So this one doll that you don’t want to piss off, you know? The idea was reinforced due to Annabelle’s involvement in The Conjuring franchise as a recurring antagonist. 

The real Annabelle doll escaped?

Why on Earth did the internet think that Annabelle had escaped? Apparently, someone thought it would be funny to change Annabelle’s Wikipedia page to reflect this fact. Now, deep breaths and put down the salt, Annabelle is accounted for. She has not escaped and is on the loose. 

While the Warren Occult Museum was shut down due to zoning regulations, Annabelle and the rest of the collection is in possession of the Warrens’ son-in-law Tony Spera. So Annabelle is coming to murder you in your sleep, just take a deep breath, okay? 

So she’s really not going to come?

The real Annabelle doll is under lock and key, perhaps living in the glass container that the Warrens kept her in for decades. Haunted dolls, there are stories of those by the dozens, Annabelle is just merely the most well-known and documented. The other is, perhaps, Robert the Doll, who lives in Florida and who you can never take a picture of without asking first.

Literally everything in the Toy Story franchise gets like a thousand percent creepier when you think of the existence of Annabelle and Robert. Just be glad that both of them are very safe and very much under surveillance. Either way, it’s a major yikes and no thanks from the scaredy cats here that may have had a panic attack or a possible Annabelle escape. 

No one wants to get murdered in their bed by a demon doll after all.

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