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Animeflix was a popular anime platform that has been shut down. Find out whether the shutdown is good for audiences.

Animeflix Shutdown: Why is it good for anime fans and anime industry?

Anime movies and shows have always been one of the favorites of people of every age all across the globe. With almost all kinds of genres may it be action, horror, or romantic, anime has a great fan base spread throughout the world. Well, like movies and web series, anime makers also look for profits. 

Therefore, most of the platforms that provide anime shows and movies are paid platforms with High definition quality and a wide variety of customization. Likewise, the massive fan base also prefers the paid OTT platforms to watch and download Anime.

On the other hand, there is also a fan base that doesn’t want to pay and thus prefers shortcuts or free platforms. 

Animeflix is one such platform that encourages such a fan base by uploading free anime movies and shows without the consent of authorized makers. But, the recent shutdown of this popular website has become great news for the industry. Let’s know why and how?

The insane popularity of AnimeFlix

AnimeFlix is a free website that showcases tons of anime-based movies, shows, and series as well. It has a massive collection of all genres of anime and a reliable search engine. Thus, you can easily get to the anime by simply typing the name in the search box. 

On top of this, the website provides 1080p and 720p anime which enhances the experience to a whole new level. Not only this, but you can also explore every genre in simple steps and choose from it easily.  

One of the most compelling things about the Animeflix website is that it doesn’t show ads. Thus, one can watch all the popular anime without any interruptions and pop-ups in high definition. 

As the site gives the same experience as that of paid OTT platforms, anime lovers prefer it over the paid ones. Right now, AnimeFlix comes among the top names when it comes to anime platforms with a huge audience.

The shutdown of AnimeFlix. How is it good for the Anime Industry?

Well, the recent shutdown of AnimeFlix with the message showing “couldn’t connect to host”. This news filled the entire industry with happiness as they can now get the profits they deserve for their efforts in making the shows and movies. The site was the only place where most of the anime fan base stuck.

Now that there are chances of the permanent shutdown of AnimeFlix, the hope for gaining back the audience is increasing for the genuine and paid OTT platforms. 

Although there are tons of alternatives to this site and the netizens can find their way to use them, the shut down of AnimeFlix is surely a backlash for such illegal activities. But, the astonishing fact is that AnimeFlix has not faced even a single case as the website holders were catching up with the loophole of legality.

They were hosting and streaming the anime shows and movies from external servers for other areas. It is an indirect way of infringement as the criminal acts were diverted to the servers like Openload and Rapidvideo. But, you can be a part of this illegal act if you download the shows and watch them on your device.

Can piracy end for Animes with AnimeFlix?

The answer is probably no. But, the shutdown of such a popular website will surely show some changes to the anime industry as most of the fans were using this site due to the absence of ads. Those fans will indeed return to the genuine OTT platforms and be a part of the genuine community.

However, the shutdown of AnimeFlix doesn’t mean that piracy is going to end. Netizens are going to find other ways to reach the site using different notorious techniques like VPNs and Proxies etc. Even the website management can return by using mirror sites or changing the domain names.

Governments of many countries are taking necessary steps to end privacy and countries like India and the US have strict regulations for such illegal activities. Besides, there are strict laws for people involved in infringement and the people supporting it.

But, as of now, the Anime industry is positive of gaining back the viewers who have shifted to AnimeFlix for free and illegal content.

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  • Wow, nice job showing that its shutdown is a awful thing for fans and failing completely to show why its good for them!

    July 9, 2021
  • This may or may not be good for anime fans!

    January 28, 2022

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