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The internet can sometimes be . . . a mean place, to say the least. Take a break and watch these heartwarming animal videos instead.

Take a break from the internet: Binge these heartwarming animal videos now

The internet can sometimes be . . . a mean place, to say the least. Between unsettling headlines and flame wars in the comments, we can see why some people may get burnt out – especially after this year. 

From the latest gas shortage to the ongoing pandemic to Zoom fatigue, we’d see why you’d want to throw your computer out the window. That’s why you should take a second, breathe, and watch some animals videos as they showcase their adorable selves. 

Luckily, Twitter has you covered with the heartwarming animals videos that will give you a chance to remember that there are still good things on the internet, even if you can’t sometimes find them. Grab your blankets and dive into these adorable animal videos. 

Hi friend! 

Now that’s a greeting we wish we got every day! 


Warning: cavities guaranteed. 

 Tag, you’re it! 

Look at them go! 

Big boy 

Now that’s what we call a gentle giant! 

MY chicken 

Yeah, he’s not letting go anytime soon . . . .

Piggy, piggy 

They’re so small! 

 Training time 

Look at this dynamic duo go! You guys got this! 

Reunited 2: Electric Boogaloo 

If the first one didn’t give you cavities, this one definitely will. 

 Vet appreciation 

These guys are the ones who keep our adorable furry friends healthy, so thank you! 

Daddy’s home! 

We’re so glad that we got to see this adorable reunion! 

Have any other heartwarming animal videos you want to share? Drop them below in the comments so we can all say “awww” together! 

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