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Amber Heard plays a main character in the first 'Aquaman' movie, but fans think she'll be left high and dry for the sequel. Here's why.

Is Amber Heard finally cancelled? Fans think she’s fired from ‘Aquaman 2’

Amber Heard – a lot of people had no idea who she was until her nasty divorce from Johnny Depp. Her biggest role by far is that of Mera, in Aquaman – the love interest of none other than Aquaman (Jason Mamoa) himself.

The mess between Amber Heard & Johnny Depp is still ongoing, but when it first started making headlines Heard had released a phone video making Depp appear to be a drunken abuser.

As time went on and court trials ensued, eventually the public learned that Heard was the toxic & abusive component of the former celebrity couple. The internet immediately turned on Amber Heard, appalled & upset that she had disparaged the name of such a beloved actor for her own gain – and damaging his acting career to boot.

Many started to campaign for Heard to be excluded from the upcoming Aquaman sequel.

Aquaman 2 rumors

It seems that the internet might get their way on this one. There’s a rumbling on the internet that Amber Heard has broken her contractual agreement and will be fired from the film.

Aquaman 2 is believed to have plans for filming this upcoming summer so that the DCEU movie won’t miss the 2022 release date that fans have been promised. However, there may be a need to quickly recast one of the main roles if Heard has truly misstepped so badly that they’re canning her.

The rumor states that Heard violated the “health and fitness” portion of her contract. It’s a vague statement, but with COVID-19 still running rampant around the globe, pre-production may have observed the actress acting a bit too nonchalant about guidelines. This is purely speculation, however.

Appeasing fans?

Fans have openly stated that they don’t want to see an Aquaman 2 that includes Amber Heard in any way. So, some can’t help but wonder if DC execs were looking for an excuse to release the actress from her contract – much like Lucas Films recently did with Gina Carano and The Mandalorian.

On the other hand, not knowing what Heard has supposedly done, it’s entirely possible she’s done something that production just truly couldn’t look the other way on.

The rumors have gone on to say that fan favorite actress Emilia Clarke is being considered to take over the role of Mera. Casting Clarke in the role would certainly appease many fans & excite others. Clarke & Mamoa have already proven they have plenty of on-screen chemistry on Game of Thrones.

Different rumors

While rumors of Amber Heard being removed from the Aquaman 2 cast list are beginning to circulate with a vengeance, it’s important to remember that they could be entirely untrue. (Much like the whole Emma-Watson-is-retiring disaster that happened just this week.)

Other whispers from earlier this week asserted that Heard was in talks to cameo in the upcoming movie The Flash in her role as Mera. Supposedly studios have said they have no issue continuing to work with the actress.

These contradictory sentiments make it hard to believe DC would willingly kick Amber Heard to the curb unless they absolutely had no other choice. On the other hand, the statements make it incredibly easy to believe that the Hollywood rumor mill is working on overdrive and all of this is built on suspicions, or worse yet, someone’s hopes.

Wait and see . . .

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if the red-headed Atlantian is going to be recast or written out of the upcoming movie. (It’d be a bit of a crunch to write the character out, but Hollywood has undertaken more difficult & unnecessary tasks before.)

What do you think of the rumors? Would you like to see Amber Heard booted from the Aquman 2 movie or would you rather the actress remain the same for continuity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • I hope she is booted and Clarke given the role. Amber is an abuser and gave a poor performance in Aquaman. Nokia and Clarke have excellent chemistry and she gives a dynamic performance every time. She should be able to jump on board pretty seamlessly. Amber is bad for the brand. Bye Felicia!

    February 26, 2021
  • After lieing in court and getting Johnny terminated on various shows, she deserves worse treatment. I won’t watch anything she is in.

    February 27, 2021
  • Considering that it’s been proven that she has lied about everything including her giving her divorce settlement to charity (including the CHLA a children’s charity) that is perjury along with every other allegation she has made. And Johnny has lost roles because of her lies, if WB doesn’t want this movie to utterly fail, then they should definitely kick this horrible excuse for a human to the curb that she belongs on.

    February 27, 2021
  • Serves her right to be terminated after Johnny was terminated from his work because of her lies!

    February 27, 2021
  • If Amber Heard is in ANY movie, ever again, I can PROMISE you, I WILL NOT BE WATCHING IT!
    Any franchise that supports her will also lose all my business!

    March 13, 2021
  • If she was a man she would have already been cancelled. Lies, fraud, domestic violence. She is no role model and if Hollywood is serious about equality the should be treating her just like any man accused with subsequent evidence released to the media. Toxic women are a stain on all the good women out there trying to be respected and treated equally.

    April 22, 2021
  • I personally think she did an amazing job in the Aquaman 1 and quite honestly I don’t think her personal life should have anything to do with her great acting. Same goes for Johnny Depp, he is a great actor and no matter what goes on in his personal life should not have anything to do with his acting career. He should have never been asked to resign. Honestly I believe that movie stars should be aloud to live a private life.

    June 30, 2021
  • Can’t stand the conceited lying witch and I hope her career goes down the toilet!
    She isn’t even in the same league as Johnny Depp, who is an excellent actor.
    All Johnny’s ex’s have said that he always treated them well so we know who’s full of 💩!!

    September 11, 2021

    May 5, 2022
  • she lied and caused harm to his career, an eye for an eye, she has no integrity

    May 8, 2022

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