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It turns out that Amber Heard not only lied with her testimonies but twisted cases of real abuses of other women. Did she assault a young woman?

Did Amber Heard *really* assault a young member of her staff?

Time goes by, and life seems to go back to normal after COVID-19, people are letting their blue holidays back, but why are we still talking about Amber Heard? The truth is that the situation of Depp vs. Heard becomes a case people can always go back to and gossip about. Also, there’s always new information popping up, which is surprising because how can we get to know more about this? 

At this point, we don’t know what is true since both of the implicated ones are equally damaged. After the whole televised trial which honestly surpassed any reality show ever made, we know Depp went through the court with more advantage than Heard and that Heard’s acting career is completely over. We can all agree Heard suffers from an insane mind, but does she deserve all the hate she’s going through?

Amber Heard mentioned once in court receiving thousands of death threats daily, which certainly nobody deserves, no matter how badly she acted. But did she ever assault and act violently in a deliberate way with another purpose out of self-defense? Perhaps towards someone that wasn’t Johnny Depp? The answer is yes, there are at least four other people that form part of this list, let’s take a look.

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Stealing a story

It’s unbelievable to think that such an imaginative mind as Amber Heard’s would ever feel the need to steal a dramatic story for someone else. We’re not saying Heard didn’t go through domestic violence, but it is more than a fact that she has lied and been violent too. Remember that time she even showed on camera the makeup that she supposedly used to cover her bruises when it didn’t even exist at the time?  

It turns out that Amber Heard not only lied with her testimonies but twisted cases of real abuses of other women. Like when we were young and copy pasted information doing smooth changes in the text. However, this is not only incorrect in court terms but profoundly cruel & disrespectful to the actual women that did go through those terrible situations.  

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Heard has been accused of stealing Kate James’s sexual assault story for herself. James was part of Heards staff and not only did she testify on Heard for stealing her story but for breaking the law on several occasions. James spoke in front of the London High Court and shared to be once assaulted via knifepoint during a trip to Brazil. 

James’s court words were: “I discovered that Ms. Heard had in fact stolen my sexual violence conversation with her and twisted it into her own story to benefit herself”.  She also described Johnny Depp as a “gentleman” which honestly makes us doubt her a little since Depp has shown to have a very special temper since he was a young man.  Anyway, Heard did twist the story for her own purpose.

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Has Heard abused anyone aside from Depp?

And now you might be wondering if Heard had this kind of behavior before being married to Depp, perhaps when she was young. Honestly, there’s quite suggestive evidence for it to be true. Tasya Van Ree, Heard’s then-girlfriend, was reported being physically abused by Amber Heard back in 2009 when she was at an airport, but all young friends have fought, right?  It gets worse. 

According to The Telegraph, there’s unseen footage from a 2006 reality TV show that might suggest Henriquez was physically abused by Heard. Apparently, the kid presented several bruises on her skin, yet it’s not enough evidence to Signal heard for this. Nonetheless, if she did, it means that Heard showed violent behavior since young and that she was never properly treated.

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