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AI Continues Taking a Center Stage in the Quest for Safer Gambling

The last decade alone has seen the introduction of several monumental changes to the gambling industry in regulated markets. Thanks to all of the revolutionary advancements in mobile technology, online gambling has grown immensely right alongside retail gambling which has also seen extreme benefits from various technological advancements.

Despite all that, there is still one thing that the industry has still not been able to shake off – problem gambling. The issue of problem gambling cannot be taken lightly especially considering how devastating its impacts are to individuals, their families, and even society as a whole. The United Kingdom, for instance, has posted some gut-wrenching problem gambling statistics in recent years.

Fortunately, a lot of work has been put into promoting responsible gambling practices. With the likes of GAMSTOP, GamBlock, and GamCare putting in a lot of effort to combat irresponsible gambling, there is certainly a lot of hope for the gaming industry. 

It begs the question of who will win out of the constant competition to ultimately serve the player the best online casino sites for legal, trustworthy gambling in the US in comparison.

Gambling continues to go high tech and these responsible gambling service providers are also going to have to switch up their game a little bit. As of now, no other technology is showing as much promise as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Gone are the days where AI was just a figment of imagination that was meant to appeal to fans of Science Fiction. It is a very real thing and it is already disrupting several industries including the gambling sector. Its use in gambling platforms and sites is certainly revolutionary – can it do the same for responsible gambling? Well, the experts strongly believe that it will.

Automated Player Profiling

At the moment, one of the most notable names in the world of AI that is targeted at solving the issues of problem gambling is Mindway AI. This company is approaching the issue in a rather unique way, that is, by using scientific-based automated player profiling and monitoring. 

Profiling is not a totally new concept since nearly all businesses like to have a deeper insight into who their customers are. However, Mindway AI’s approach is looking into taking this to the very next level with its innovative AI technology.

According to Kim Mouridsen, a professor and founder of Midway AI, the technology is super-efficient and crunching tremendous amounts of data which is where its main strength lies. The goal is to give the responsible partier deeper insight into gambler behavior after which mitigative measures follow.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of this is the focus on personalized communication. This stems from the fact the many gamblers often do not find it particularly easy to speak about gambling-related harm. Artificial Intelligence correlates many different aspects of their gambling behavior and if there is some rather worrying activity, it will take an approach that is tailored to that specific gambler. 

Mr. Mouridsen points out that when players feel understood and cared for, they are more open to dialogue that pertains to solutions to their problems.

A Collaborative Effort

While the use of AI in the fight against responsible gambling is yet to go mainstream, a lot of impressive developments are already happening in that space. It will, however, take a lot of concerted effort from various stakeholders in the online gambling industry for its applications to reach the heights that have been forecasted. 

Thankfully, many of the responsible gambling organizations are quite open to the idea of better gambling control and regulators are tightening the bolts to ensure players are protected. Several gaming operators are also pretty excited about the development so, all in all, things are looking pretty good for the future of responsible gambling.

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  • “The United Kingdom, for instance, has posted some gut-wrenching problem gambling statistics in recent years”

    Yet, they choose to continue to ignore drinking problems, which outweigh gambling problems almost 4-1. A 14-year-old can go in to a pub and ask for a pint or two, but a 30-year-old is being told how much he is allowed to spend on gambling. Anyone who thinks gambling regulators and government legislators are addressing problem gambling because it’s a real issue are seriously undereducated and grossly naïve. The segment of the UK gambling market that has been identified as categorized as having a gambling problem is less than 4% – 28% of the population has been identified as having a drinking problem.

    March 11, 2021

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