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Is your lover hundreds of miles away? Find out how you can spice up your relationship with all the best sex toys for long distance relationships here.

All the sex toys you need for your long-distance relationship

As the chorus of “Radar Love” by Golden Earring goes: “When she is lonely and the longing gets too much/ She sends a cable coming in from above/ Don’t need no phone at all/ We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love/ We’ve got a wave in the air/ Radar love.” 

Needless to say, COVID-19 and associated lockdowns & travel bans haven’t been kind to long-distance lovers. However, there are ways to ease the loneliness with app-controlled sex toys for long distance. The patent on teledildonics (honestly, that’s a phrase journalism school didn’t prepare us for) expired in 2018, and the market’s been booming since then.

Rose Toy for Women

Rose toy for women is one of the most polular clitor stimulators in the worlds. It is so popular, mainly because it has a high degree of privacy and the rose symbolizes the meaning of love. Xinghaoya Rose Vibrator is shaped like a rose, which makes it very adorable and romantic.”

Lovense Hush

Welcome to the world’s first teledildonic vibrating butt plug! It’s 4.76 inches long with an insertible length of 3.8 inches, and you can choose a small plug with a diameter of 1.5 inches or a medium one with a diameter of 1.75 inches. It’s made of body-safe silicone with all the standard safety features, such as a sturdy neck and flared base.

The Hush is app-controlled, meaning you can play with your partner whether they’re across the bed, across the house, or across the ocean. The sex toys for long distance app allows for fully customized vibration patterns, and you can also set it to sync to music or react to other sounds. There is a lot of potential for public fun here!

Lovense also caters to the camming community with a platform that allows users to set up keno or dice games that trigger the toys. Even if you’re only interested in playing with your regular play partner, this could add a new twist to game night!

We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe is probably the biggest name in app-controlled sex toys, so why not go with the folks who have mastered masturbation? They have a lot of toys, all of which work with the We-Vibe app. This means that if you and your partner decide to curate a collection of We-Vibes, you can teach them to play nicely with each other.

We’re recommending the Nova here. It’s described as a rabbit vibrator, but it must have been Van Gogh’s rabbit because it’s missing its ears. It does have both an internal G-spot stimulator and a flexible clitoral stimulator, and as with all the toys we recommend, it’s completely body-safe and high quality.

You can enjoy any or all of the preset patterns, or use the app to customize your own. Because these are app-controlled sex toys for long distance, you and your partner can play with each other no matter where in the world each of you happen to be.

Svakom Alex Neo

Alex Neo is part of Svakom’s Connexion series, allowing you and your partner to connect with each other up close or long-distance through the use of an app or online in a private (or public, if you both want) show. You can also set it to respond to the beat of music or other sounds.

The male masturbator is flexible so it will accommodate almost all penises comfortably, and it features a textured inner sleeve made of super-soft silicone. It’s pre-programmed with seven auto thrusting modes and five immersive sexual fantasy scenarios for shared or solo use, or you can use the app to completely customize your experience.

KIIROO Onyx and Pearl Couples Set

If one of you has a penis and one of you has a vagina, this is the set for you (and there are also couples’ sets for penis & penis, or vagina & vagina). The Onyx is a male masturbator/stroker with a unique rotating motor, and the Pearl is “the world’s most technologically advanced G-spot vibrator” with touch-sensitive technology.

While both of those sex toys for long distance are super fun on their own, what makes them extra special for long-distance lovers is that they can both be programmed to interact with the FeelConnect app. 

An extra bonus is that they can even be connected in the app so that you can quite literally experience the same sensations at the same time even if you’re in different cities or continents! The app can also connect to virtual reality content for solo or shared fun.

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