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Online games are a booming industry. Here are some of the most popular online games to play for free.

Looking for online games to play for free? Try out these sites

Since we’re all still in quarantine, we’re looking for interesting ways to keep ourselves entertained and not focused on the world around us. For some of us, that meant making sourdough bread until the cows came home. For others, it meant winning big at slots and poker games online to play on casino sites like

But many turned into gamers for the first time in their lives. Even without the newest consoles and games, you can still have a lot of fun thanks to the variety of gaming sites available. No matter your taste, you can turn to these lists of websites full of online games to play. 


Full of plenty of casual online games to play, Shockwave is the perfect site for people looking to get into gaming. With iconic computer games such as the Diner Dash series or Plants vs Zombies available for download, you can play to your heart’s content. 

Plus, with Shockwave Unlimited, you can actually play all day, every day for only $5 a day. That means if you want to beat the entire Spot the Difference Daily collection in one sitting, you can. 


Essentially the casual gaming division of EA, Pogo offers plenty of online games for free with an account. From puzzle to card games, slots and word games, there’s a variety of games available on Pogo to satisfy whatever mood you’re in.

With a Pogo account, you can participate in daily & weekly challenges for certain games, encouraging you to hit certain milestones. You can even participate in exclusive challenges to score points, and brag to your friends. 


Let’s be real: every late millennial/early gen Z kid knows about AddictingGames. Since being bought out by Viacom, the same company who owns Nickelodeon (and Shockwave!), it has been tamed down a bit from its early days of edginess. That being said, all the classic stickman games you played in middle school are still there.

Even if you’re looking for something other than nostalgia, there’s plenty of great games available on AddictingGames. While nothing will beat the Flash games of the past, you can definitely get plenty of free fun from Addicting Games. 

Jackbox Games

Ok, so this technically isn’t a website, but you do have to go to a website to play them so it still counts. If you’re looking for a multiplayer online game to play with friends while socially distancing, any of the seven Jackbox Party Packs will fit the bill. Of course, we all know you have your favorite games.

Whether you get them on Steam, the Jackbox website, or even for your smart TV, all seven party packs go on sale quite often. If you’re willing to pony up some money, you can make an online game night to play with friends from all over. 


At first glance, Roblox looks like the spiritual successor to games like Club Penguin or Neopets. But it’s not just the new hot children’s obsession. Similar to Minecraft, Roblox offers plenty of exciting experiences with friends. Since you can program your own games, there’s plenty of opportunities to create your dream online game to play. 

If you don’t feel like getting creative, you can always find a great mode to enjoy no matter what time of day. From the ever popular Jailbreak, to the role-playing Work at a Pizza Place, there’s modes for every type of gamer. 

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