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Flora Pauer is preparing for her co-starring role in 'The Trilogy,' part two, which will be shot in Greece in early summer.

Actress Flora Pauer Stars Alongside Stephanie Tripp in the Second Motion Picture of the Mega-Film Project, “The Trilogy”

Flora Pauer, who is very familiar with the leading acting techniques followed by Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando, is preparing for her co-starring role in “The Trilogy,” part two, which will be shot in Greece in early summer.

By Bruno Pischiutta

Flora Pauer grew up between Vienna and Boston and discovered her passion for acting when she was only seven years old. She watched and enacted scenes from the famous Sissi, the first of a trilogy of movies about Elisabeth of Austria, directed by Ernst Marischka and starring Romy Schneider. At first, Flora performed before family and friends, and later, she appeared in many school plays where her acting left a lasting impression on her classmates, who began calling her Toinette after the lead in Molière’s play, The Hypochondriac

(Photo: Flora Pauer)

Flora Pauer began her training at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City and continued with her long-term acting mentor and friend Suzanne Geyer, who introduced her to the work of Susan Batson. Later, Flora discovered the acting techniques of Larry Moss and studied intensely with acting coach Sarah Gaboury from Los Angeles. Flora is now based in Europe and works as a professional actress in Berlin and Vienna while studying the Source Tuning method by Jens Roth. 

As a versatile film actress, Flora has appeared in more than 20 film and TV productions, among them the short movie Vital Tech, which won the Best Film award at the Mabig Film Festival and various other prizes. Her latest feature film, House of Rooms, in which she plays the lead role of Laura, has just been released on Amazon Prime. 

(Photo: Flora Pauer)

Talking to Flora Pauer, I discovered her deep passion for acting and art. “The feeling I get when I perform is hard to describe,” she says. “It allows me to be incredibly free and connected to my emotions and my scene partners.” On this basis, I decided to give Flora, in The Trilogy, the very difficult part of Helen, a good and sincere Greek girl living in Thessaloniki.

At the beginning of the film, Helen is in the first complete relationship of her life and is with her boyfriend Dexter, a young man played by the American actor Shaquille Mathurin. Helen and Dexter are in love, but things end badly between them. Dexter is decidedly immature and unfaithful, and Helen suffers from the betrayal. She also has the feeling that something else is not right between them and prefers to break off the relationship, leave town, and go on holiday alone for a while to a nearby seaside resort. 

(Photo: Shaquille Mathurin)

During the short holiday, Helen meets another tourist, played by Stephanie Tripp, the star and protagonist of The Trilogy films, who comes from Nice. The two girls end up spending the whole time together.

(Photo: Stephanie Tripp)

This encounter changes Helen’s life forever because she falls in love with and pursues an affair with this intriguing girl. Helen thus realizes that she is physically attracted to women. Only now, after meeting the girl from Nice, does she understand the power of true love.

Flora states that the profound connection she experiences and fosters through her performances underpins her belief in the transformative power of art. 

“I feel like there are so many challenges in this world and that many people are cut off from their true emotions and empathy towards each other. I hope that through art, I can inspire people to connect again with one another.” 

(Photo: Flora Pauer)

Flora Pauer’s fascination with the art of acting from childhood and her journey to becoming an accomplished performer reflect her unwavering passion and her desire to connect deeply with the audience. Her exploration of various acting techniques and her commitment to continuous improvement highlight her dedication not just to personal growth but also to using art as a bridge between people. Through her performances, Flora hopes to inspire empathy and understanding, believing in the power of filmmaking to reveal the core of our shared humanity. 


  • The Trilogy, the highly anticipated project that touches on sensitive and very actual subjects of our time, such as freedom of speech, the sexualization of children, Satanism, and pedophilia, is the latest creation of Maestro Bruno Pischiutta, who wrote the original screenplays. The Trilogy consists of three feature films and three documentaries that will be produced by Bruno Pischiutta and Daria Trifu. The motion pictures will be directed by Pischiutta, while the documentaries will be directed by Trifu.

Bruno Pischiutta, a member of the European Film Academy, is an internationally celebrated and awarded writer, director, and producer whose career spans more than five decades. He is especially noted for his socially and existentially oriented films.

(Photo: Bruno Pischiutta)

Pischiutta is one of the last great Italian filmmakers of his generation. During his career, he created and developed numerous feature films in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia and won important awards in several countries.

In China, he wrote and developed the feature film The Sepia Portrait, and in Ghana, he completed the feature Punctured Hope, which the Hollywood Political Film Society recognized as the Best Film Exposé and Best Film on Human Rights of that year, and proposed it for nomination at the Academy Awards®.


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