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If you’re a long time resident of 'Acapulco Shore', you already know the drama that has carried the past six seasons. Here's what we know about season 7.

‘Acapulco Shore’ is back for season 7: Here’s what to expect

Move over Jersey Shore, MTV Latin America has gotten the newest babes at a beach show for you. You may not have hopped on the Acapulco Shore train yet, but season six became the biggest Shore show to air on any MTV network. So, when season seven finds its way onto your TV, you best be checking in.

While not filming on the Acapulco Shore but in Mazatlan, Acapulco Shore features eight celebrities living their lives as the life of the party. The official cast list for season seven hasn’t been released yet, but we can expect some of the original cast to make the trek to Mazatlan. 

If you’re a long time resident of Acapulco Shore, you already know the drama that has carried the past six seasons. But if you’re new to the shore and need a guide to the beach, we got you covered. If Acapulco Shore season seven plays out like every other season, here’s what you can expect.

Some guy trying to become king of the house (and failing miserably)

Every season, there’s always one guy who feels like his abs or personality makes him rank number one in the Acapulco Shore house. In the beginning, it was Potro. Season four had Jawy, and who can forget season six’s Xavier? Considering Potro hasn’t missed a season and is most likely returning for season seven, our money is on him being a power-hungry dick again. 

Slut-shaming Karime

Like all the Shore shows, there’s always one girl who’s sex life becomes the hot topic regardless of who she’s currently sleeping with. Nine times out of ten, it’s Karime since she’s so open about her sex life anyway. Honestly, go Karime for living her best life and not letting the rest of the house get to her. But it’s still going to happen next season for sure, even if Karime isn’t there. 

Love triangles galore

Hot, horny people living together under the same roof? Definitely no way there isn’t going to be some romantic competition through it all. We all know we have our fav love triangles from past seasons of Acapulco Shore, and we’re expecting more to add to the list with season seven.

Hot attractive people making out for our entertainment

We’re shallow. There’s a reason the Shore franchise has several international installments. And it’s comes down to the fact we like seeing hot people act like idiots. Whether it’s Snooki getting in the middle of a barfight and being sucker-punched, the Super Shore gang getting stuck working on a dairy farm for a day, or all of season three of Acapulco Shore where they tried to get rid of Nikki, we’re hooked.

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