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Urban Fu$e has released a new music video for their hit song 'Tik Tok Rollie'. Get ready to dance and sing along with your new favorite tune.

Dance with Da Vinci and Beethoven in ‘Tik Tok Rollie Viet Mix’

What happens when you use AI technology to bring back to life two of the greatest artists in human history and have them sing alongside each other? Well, Leonardo Da Vinci and Beethoven may not have been known for their impeccable voices, but that is exactly the question being asked in a “TikTok Rollie Viet Mix MV,” a new video from the international musical collective Urban Fu$e.

To create this surreal artistic work, Urban Fu$e needed a partner with extreme technical know-how. The group turned to D-ID, a world leader in AI-driven video content that has previously worked on projects like Warner Bros’ Reminiscence and MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia. The combination is a technological feat the likes of which you’ve never seen attempted in a music video before.

The video, which was recorded in Vietnamese, is already gaining worldwide attention and an audience that spans the entire globe. Urban Fu$e is the musical collective who conceived the song, and D-ID provided all the technology to make the idea into a reality. The production company behind it all is Dream Music Productions, making “TikTok Rollie” into a trifecta of unbelievable success.

“TikTok Rollie”

Urban Fu$e creates music that stretches genres and breaks down boundaries. If you had to put “TikTok Rollie” into a box, you wouldn’t be far off the mark by calling it a hip hop song. On top of the music video’s insane visuals are some smooth raps and illustrious beats that are just about guaranteed to end up stuck in your head for days. This is one you’ll learn the lyrics to – if you know Vietnamese that is.

Thematically the song peaks into the mind of an “average Joe”. It examines how his mind works, what his dreams and deepest desires are, and what he’s willing to do to attain his goals. Da Vinci and Beethoven are two aspects of his mind that come to life inside of his house and sing their way into a catchy tune that everyone can enjoy.

The name of the song has multiple meanings. It points to the TikTok app, where people frequently show off their hottest dance moves. It’s also a play on Rolex watches, which famously don’t tick or tock but move smoothly throughout the hour. The name is meant to inspire thoughts of new/old, luxury/austerity, and the inherent contradictions we encounter in everyday life.

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The music video is a partnership between three distinct groups. Urban Fu$e wrote the music and conceived the original idea for the music video. D-ID provided the AI technology required to bring Da Vinci and Beethoven back into the world for one last song. Finally, Dream Music Productions handled all the logistical considerations of bringing a new musical product into the world. It was directed by Linh Manh Tong.

This is going to be a music video that people will remember for years to come. Keep your eye out for “Tik Tok Rollie Viet Mix MV” and watch it as soon as you can.

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