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Snoop Dogg’s popularity and net worth have exploded in recent years. Here are some of the craziest ways he's earned money.

How did Snoop Dogg boost his net worth? The craziest ways he got rich

Snoop Dogg easily sits on many listeners’ Mount Rushmore of rappers. He’s one of the most recognizable music artists even today, a dominant force in pop culture. Whether it’s his iconic voice, great style, or personable demeanor, everyone can pick him out of a crowd. 

Snoop Dogg has made headlines recently as he helped the Los Angeles Rams & Chargers hand out food to those in need at the teams’ new stadium in Inglewood, California. According to ABC7 Los Angeles, he didn’t just write a check – he was at the stadium handing out food to those in need. Snoop, the Rams, the Chargers, and the City of Inglewood gave 2,500 families a Thanksgiving turkey with all the fixings to enjoy. 

According to Snoop Dogg, “It’s not just me writing a check or me saying I’m about the cause without really being about the cause. I’m coming out here, putting my foot on the pavement, and making a move.” 

Snoop Dog’s popularity and net worth have exploded in recent years. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s worth over $150 million – good enough for the No. 10 spot on Forbes’s list of Top-Earning Hip-Hop Artists of the Last Decade. So how exactly did Snoop earn his massive net worth? 


It’s no surprise his music career helps Snoop Dogg’s net worth. While he makes the rounds in many different revenue streams, Snoop Dogg has released an album each year since 2015. 

Snoop has a new album, Take It From a G, dropping in December; hopefully, it won’t be delayed due to 2020’s insanity. He hasn’t had an album crack the top 10 on the Billboard 200 since 2011; perhaps he can return to form. 


If Snoop Dogg isn’t the first person on your list of celebrities you’d want to share a joint with, you definitely don’t smoke weed. Snoop Dogg has had a few ventures in the cannabis industry. Snoop released his personal weed line, Leafs by Snoop, in Denver in 2015, but the brand’s site no longer works – so we can’t find out where to hook sh^& up. 

What does work is Snoop Dogg’s weed news site It has everything from legislation news, fun articles, and everything you need to know about weed & weed culture. 

Snoop Dogg also invests in cannabis startups through his firm Casa Verde Capital. His company has invested in companies like cannabis delivery service Eaze, point-of-sale dispensary system Greenbits, LinkedIn of the cannabis industry Vangst, and Bespoke Financial, a business loan company for the cannabis industry.   


If you’ve seen Snoop Dogg everywhere recently, it’s because he’s been rakin’ in that other type of green in countless commercials: Corona beer, The General car insurance, Tostitos, Dunkin, Burger King, Wonderful Pistachios, T-Mobile, and more. 


E-sports is a booming industry, and Snoop Dogg is one of the many figures investing in gaming. He created Gangsta Gaming League in 2019 and hosted a large Madden (football video game) tournament. The tournament was on Snoop Dogg’s Twitch channel, but understandably didn’t host any events in 2020. 

TV & movies

If you aren’t watching Marth & Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge, you’re really missing out because it’s Snoop’s best show and his only starring job. Snoop Dogg is mostly known for lending his voice on shows & movies. Recently he’s been in the new Addams Family movies, Madden 21, F is For Family, Modern Family, Dolemite is my Name, The Beach Bum, and The Trailer Park Boys.

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