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Rising Rapper Call Me Hood is Taking Hip Hop by Storm

A recent academic study explored the role of music in, “facilitating social cohesion, intercultural understanding and community resilience during a time of social distancing and concomitant heightened racial tensions”. To engage in this analysis the academics used eight case studies of music performances which are broadcast online predominantly on the YouTube platform. The study utilizes an online ethnographic approach as well as a thematic analysis of comments on videos to better understand the nature of audience engagement with musical performances which are broadcast on YouTube during the coronavirus lockdown of 2020. This is explored through, “lens of ritual engagement with media events and models of social capital”. 

The eight case studies which the article engages with feature a wide range of different musical styles and performances. This includes orchestras, choirs and music collaborations which span a number of different genres and styles which are drawn from across the globe. The academics drew five overarching themes which came as a result of their thematic analysis of video comments. These themes were, “Interaction, Unity, Resilience, Identity, and Emotion”. The article proposes that, “ritual engagement and social learning fosters intercultural understanding through engaging with music both cognitively and emotionally, which can in turn shape both individual and collective identity”. 

The analysis is then extended to the online realm as online platforms are able to provide the space for both the bridging and bonding of opportunities. The authors also note that a community’s ability to be resilient is supported by: the communal sharing of knowledge, continuing to engage with the practice of music during social distancing and the emotional support which the audience participants were able to share with one another. The authors conclude that these results have the potential to have positive effects on an individual’s wellbeing. 

Call Me Hood and YouTube

The Rapper Call Me Hood is also known as David Mitchell and he engages in a number of different avenues of self-expression. Hood posts much of his music on his YouTube channel where he self-produces music videos to accompany his tracks. These music videos take on a variety of forms and are always inspired by the lyrics or message of the song he is performing. On his channel Hood also shares prank calls and video gaming content. Hood’s goal with his content is to spread positivity and he achieves this through his natural ability to entertain. This is evident across his entire library of music and videos most of which are also available on Spotify and iTunes.

Hood draws his inspiration from several well known artists in the hip-hop scene including Soulja Boy and Baby Keem. He has worked with both of these artists and describes producing for Soulja Boy as the greatest achievement of his career so far. Hood states that Drake is his favorite artist as well as the best artist of all time. The inspiration behind his style of rap comes from the artist Little B and this style is known as based rap. This style of rap is built around the intention of sharing positivity through the music. A later influence on Hood has been Kendrick Lamar as Hood is shifting his style to also include conscious rap. This takes his drive for positivity to the next level as he pushes for change through his words. 

Hood has been passionate about making music all of his life and he started playing the drums when he was 14. Since then he has always been producing music but not always as seriously as he produces his music now. Hood knows the importance of a work ethic as he has been working since his early teenage years as well. He was selling cookies and started doing video game repairs on the side. This started to bring in more money than being a salesman and he started taking this seriously too. This business has grown to four physical locations in Nebraska and Iowa. 

Hood is far more than just an artist, he is also a father, a husband, an entrepreneur and content creator. He is married and has two children, one aged 5 and the other age 3. Sometimes he takes them to the gym with him in the morning. On top of everything already mentioned Hood has also made a run for a political office. He was unsuccessful in his campaign but he plans to run again in the future when he has grown more and when his following has as well. 

Hood sees his future with a greater following for both his music and himself. This will be the results of the hard work and dedication which he has applied to his number of crafts over the years. He has also recently started a record label which will sign young artists and help them to get their music out to the world. He hopes to be like Soulja Boy in this regard as he is constantly helping others as a result of his Success. Hood is on track to reach his goal as his following continues to increase with the quality of the music he is producing. 

Final Thoughts 

The rising rapper Call Me Hood is taking more than just Hip Hop by storm. He is an active entrepreneur, content creator and producer. He engages with all of these mediums because they are ways for him to express himself in the manner which he finds most enjoyable. He ultimately wishes to spread a message of positivity through every aspect of his work. In this way he wants to help others have a positive mindset and as a result a more positive impact in the world. This can be brought about by the community which music creates as discussed above.

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