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The Osbournes' story is not just about health struggles; it's a saga of love, resilience, and adaptation. Here's what his children think.

Ozzy Osbourne looks forward to recording new music, touring after years of health issues

After a handful of tour postponements and cancellations over the last five years due to various health issues, Ozzy Osbourne has recently expressed his desire to record another album and tour again at age 74. 

In a recent interview, the Black Sabbath frontman indicated that despite facing a tumultuous year in 2023, he wants to continue making music in 2024. He’s released two projects since 2019 alone, Ordinary Man in 2020 and Patient Number 9 in 2022. Ozzy’s even outfitted his home with a studio and has no plans to stop making music anytime soon. 

The Prince of Darkness considered himself “semi-retired” from touring following the cancellation of the No More Tours tour. But after undergoing surgery on his spine this year, Ozzy’s most recent sentiments indicate that the heavy metal veteran wants to eventually go back on the road. In late September 2023, Osbourne announced that he would not be performing as a headliner at the Power Trip music festival, with Judas Priest stepping in as a replacement act. 

Earlier in the year, Ozzy was forced to cancel his No More Tours 2, which was slated to begin in February, spanning across the UK and Europe. No More Tours 2 was originally announced in late 2018, but was rescheduled multiple times, in part due to a 2019 fall he sustained in his home. The surgery Osbourne just underwent was intended to repair the years-long neck and spine damage caused by the fall. 

The metal icon has also publicly battled Parkinson’s disease, a condition that causes difficulty with balance and coordination, tremors, and involuntary movements. He’s even opened up about battling depression as a symptom of his having Parkinson’s. On the other hand, Ozzy has also been vocal about his struggles with addiction and efforts to stay sober from drugs and alcohol.

Ozzy has been famously known for his notorious use of drugs and alcohol throughout his career with both Black Sabbath and as a solo artist. Over the years he’s admitted to having several overdoses and near-death experiences from his substance abuse. Though he’s entered rehab centers similar to numerous times, 2013 appears to have been his final stint. Ozzy shared in a Facebook post in April of 2013 that he had been drinking and taking drugs for the past year and a half but he was now 44 days sober. 

The heavy metal icon is still sober today, and he frequently credits his wife, Sharon, as his biggest supporter and the reason he’s able to maintain his sobriety. At the same time, Ozzy also holds himself accountable by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, even when he was touring. While the Black Sabbath frontman has battled a handful of health issues over the years, along with a decades-long struggle with addiction, one fact remains: Ozzy Osbourne epitomizes rock and roll with his resilience, determination, and dedication to the music, his fans, and his sobriety. 

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