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Musician Rosie Minako Releases New Single ‘My Forever Diamond’ on Valentine’s Day to Spread Positivity

Rosie Minako has released a special edition of ‘My Forever Diamond’ to mark this year’s Valentine’s Day. The single captured a live performance in the English capital, where Rosie sang the wedding song she wrote and composed in a bridal gown.

Featured on the album are the songs ‘My Forever Diamond’, ‘Queen of Wands’, ‘Red Rosie Lips’, ‘Perfect Horse Boy’, ‘Knight of Swords’, ‘King of Wands’, ’My Sweet Angel’ and ’The Empress’.

When it comes to musical inspiration, Rosie released a long list of heartbreak and breakup albums. She is not only a talented singer and music composer. She is also a great storyteller through her songs, showcasing her artistic talent and passion in music through powerful lyrics.

Rosie wanted to spread love and positivity on this year’s Valentine’s Day. Instead of writing another heartbreak song, she released a wedding song in hope to bring hope and joy of those who listen to it. Rosie intended to empower other musicians on her platform to embrace their creativity to make music that is unique and to be ‘remembered’.

‘Love can be easy. It doesn’t have to be difficult. I hope my song can remind people that love can indeed be simple,’an announcement posted on the Rosie Minako’s Instagram account read alongside a preview video.

Rosie left an impression in the music industry by empowering the new generation of singers, songwriters and composers with her passion in songwriting for the past years. Her music can be streamed on various music platform. Meanwhile, the artist is set to prepare for her live concert in Asian and Europe in the summer.

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