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Tired of the top 100? Well "Don't Stop Believing" because we have a selection of great music for studying. Take a look at our concentration playlist.

Work hard and play hard: Use these music playlists for studying

Trying to squeeze in a last-minute study sesh but can’t get into the right headspace to stay productive? Sometimes, no matter how much coffee you’ve chugged, you just can’t seem to concentrate & finish off the mountain of studying you have to get done. 

To pull you out of the productivity slump we have compiled this list of music playlists that are perfect for kicking off your study session because nothing better can get you in the mood to study & help you focus than some relaxing tunes – or peppy notes depending on your choice.

Whether you need to buckle down & complete heaps of pending assignments or study hard for your next exam, you can either get help from the writing assistant or these music playlists will help you through it all. So, pull out your notes, plug in your earphones, and press play on any of these playlists.

Classical music

Classical music has a reputation for being stuffy & boring but give this playlist a try, you’ll be surprised with the results. Ever heard of the Mozart Effect? It’s a popular idea that listening to the music of Mozart, one of the world’s greatest composers, may temporarily boost scores on one portion of a real IQ test

According to a peer review paper published in Nature, listening to Mozart can cause a temporary enhancement of spatial-reasoning. So, hit play & block out your dorm mate’s snoring by listening to the relaxing notes of classical music. This playlist will take you on a dazzling journey through the most cherished musical landscapes and make studying suck less.

Lofi hip-hop

While many studies show that classical music makes for a great studying background soundtrack, don’t worry, you don’t have to play Mozart on repeat to slay your exams. Lofi hip-hop is a wildly popular genre of music that fuses traditional hip-hop with chill jazz elements to create an atmospheric, instrumental soundscape.

A quick search on YouTube can clue you in on just how famous Lofi hip-hop is with the studying crowd. The relaxing hip-hop beats in this playlist will help your brain focus for hours and keep you as alert as any Starbucks double-shot can. 

Instrumental music 

When it’s time to hit the books, listen to this playlist filled with no-lyric songs. Tunes with little or no lyrics work as an excellent backdrop for pulling an all-nighter to cram for the next day’s test. Why? Because songs with lyrics can end up distracting you, and you want to be able to memorize your notes, not The Weeknd‘s latest record. 

Effective studying requires a relaxing, anxiety-free atmosphere with no disturbances, and instrumental music provides the perfect ambiance to propel your study session. So, turn off the songs that urge you to sing along and jam to this playlist while focusing on your textbooks.

Nature sounds

When you’re dog tired and ready to drop from fatigue at any moment merely thinking about the amount of study you have to do, tune in to calming sounds of nature. This play will help you relax and give you a much-needed push to concentrate on your studies.

Many research studies demonstrate that nature sounds improve concentration and enhance cognitive functioning. From a babbling brook to heavy rainfall to the soothing sounds of leaves rustling in the wind, the internet has no shortage of natural soundscapes to soothe the soul. 

Let’s face it, studying is boring. But it can go faster and be more enjoyable when you have an ambient background soundtrack to amp up your concentration. What do you think of our playlist choices? Are there any you’d like to add? Let us know down in the comments!

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  • nice post!

    i love how lofi beats makes me focused. it’s so relaxing :)

    February 5, 2021

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