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Matt U Johnson Leverages Hot New Single Collab with Snoop Dogg

International pop and reggae sensation Matt U Johnson has exploded back on the music scene with a brand new single.

“Pon Fire”, a collaboration between Johnson, the legendary rap artist Snoop Dogg, and Canadian music superstar Karl Wolf, recently dropped in September of 2021. It is already burning up the music industry.

The song is a high-energy banger, a pitch-perfect blend of pop and reggae flavors that have helped put Johnson on the map in the first place. The promo for this single alone has already been played thousands of times on YouTube, screaming up those charts.

It’s getting people excited to hear this song, lighting up radio stations, phones, and music players across Johnson’s native New York, the rest of the country, and North America when it gets a broader release.

Don’t be surprised if this becomes THE song of the fall, with dance house remixes to follow. It’s got all the correct elements, and Johnson, Snoop, and Wolf are at the top of their game.

Collab with Snoop Long Time in the Making

Some people might be surprised to see Johnson collaborating with a rap game legend like Snoop on a track, but long-time fans of both have been waiting for this for what feels like forever.

Johnson has always been heavily involved and influenced in the reggae, pop dancehall kind of music scene – but has never been nervous about stepping out of his comfort zone, flexing a little bit, and pulling in artists and inspiration from all different genres of music.

The relationship between Johnson and Snoop Dogg started back in 2013. Johnson was introduced to the rap superstar in Los Angeles and immediately went to work with him. The two have a lot in common creatively and were able to blend their sounds when Snoop was hosting parties and DJing in the Hollywood Hills and throughout Anaheim.

 It may have taken a while for the two to get together on a track, but you don’t put this kind of collab together unless there’s a lot of mutual respect. Snoop is excited and energized by everything Johnson brings to the table with “Pon Fire”.

Where You Can Find the Single

If you’d like to hear “Pon Fire” right now, just jump over to Johnson’s SoundCloud to hear it their exclusively before the track gets wider distribution.

To check out even more of Matt U Johnson’s music, jump over to his YouTube page or dig into the rest of the tracks shared on his SoundCloud.

Matt U Johnson also has a ton of music on Spotify, including his mega-hit “Gwan Get It”. This 2020 single helped to propel Johnson into the upper level of pop and reggae stars, bringing him a brand new audience that has been passionately following his career and new music releases ever since.

“Gwan Get It,” and the remixes (including a Christmas remix) have hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify alone!

Who is Matt U Johnson?

Johnson, born and raised on Staten Island with Jamaican Roots, has been living his musical career dreams since he was a young kid.

Even after his family moved from New York to El Paso in 2012, he kept developing his signature sound, later moving to England to pursue new career opportunities there. Breakthroughs followed (including work with Snoop in 2013), with Johnson opening for Jazz Cartier.

El Paso kept calling Johnson back, and now he makes the city his full-time home and base of operations. You can find him working with local musicians, artists, and producers all the time, all while promoting and performing his past discography and new tracks that he hasn’t released to wider audiences just yet.

Johnson is working on a new major album release, continuing to refine his sound and style, and wants to collaborate with more artists. This is an exciting new talent, not content with just a couple of hits. This is an artist that wants to make a mark in the industry.

It’s hard to imagine “Pon Fire” not having a significant impact in helping to make that happen.

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