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Lovoy Ruben Mejia’s Musical Fusion: A Tantalizing Blend of Soul, Pop, and R&B that Will Ignite Your Senses!

Get Ready to Groove and Move with the Prince of Guava Valley Belize!

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Contact: Lovoy Ruben Mejia

Rapper/ Musician


The US, 30/01/2023: Music always has the power to unite black and white people by spreading diversity in the world’s culture. Only some are lucky to be the star among countless musicians due to their immense talent and creative musical souls. 

Lovoy Ruben Mejia, the Prince of Guava valley Belize, is making waves in the music industry with his Afro-Pop, Rap, and Reggae musical style. And not only that, but he’s also a successful businessman, a British Law Student at the University of Essex, and a published author. Move over, Renaissance Man, because Lovoy is taking over!

With his DNA confirmed by, Lovoy’s royal lineage runs deep. But that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his passions and breaking boundaries in the music and business worlds. He studied business at the University of Southern California, creating a real estate development project in California for retirees and guiding budget travelers to the beautiful Belizean shores.

Lovoy’s music has won the hearts of a niche audience of moms, dads, and high schoolers aged 13 to 45. His breakout single, Banana Papaya, was a massive hit, and his other musical projects, like Guava and Hot Like Gina, are sure to make you move and groove. But Lovoy doesn’t stop at just making music. He’s also a successful actor with famous and successful acting projects under his belt, like A Light in the Darkness and Poor Richard.

Not only is Lovoy a talented musician and actor, and has a heart of gold. His non-profit arm, PEAT ACADEMY, provides scholarships for high school and trains athletes for the 2028 Olympics. From sponsoring soccer and track and field teams, Lovoy’s goal is to expand the academy to create more opportunities for aspiring athletes.

Lovoy advises people in his industry to study the business, stay consistent in releasing projects, and continue to polish their skills. But despite his success, Lovoy understands the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, musician, or writer. From writer’s block to financial struggles, Lovoy knows firsthand the difficulties that come with pursuing your dreams.

But Lovoy doesn’t let challenges get in the way. As a multi-ethnic musician, Lovoy uses his diversity as a positive to create music that transcends boundaries. He believes that breaking down barriers can create a world where everyone can enjoy and appreciate different cultures.

Despite facing obstacles and challenges, Lovoy remains committed to pursuing his passions and using his unique talents to impact the world positively. With his infectious energy and undeniable charisma, he will continue captivating audiences and achieving great things for years to come.

So let’s raise a glass to Lovoy Ruben Mejia, the Prince of Guava valley Belize, for his music, business, and philanthropy achievements. Keep shining, Lovoy!

Anyone can follow Lovoy Ruben Mejia on his social media platforms. For concert booking inquiries or to connect with Lovoy, reach out to Let the good times roll!

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