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There’s nothing better than listening to one of the greatest hit makers of our time: Lizzo. Listen to these feel good songs.

Lizzo is Good as Hell: Dance to these songs perfect for a serotonin boost

After a year or more of pandemic blues, where we all either faced restrictions or got stuck at home, there’s a common thing we’re all in dire need of: serotonin. The hormone of happiness & wellbeing is what makes us feel good as hell, and it’s become a vital asset in these troubled times.

And to feel good as hell – and to take full advantage of a serotonin boost – there’s nothing better than listening to one of the greatest hit makers of our time: Lizzo.

Carrying some huge talent and catchy lyrics & rhythm, Lizzo songs are surely an invitation to dance and to feel good in these dour times. When you listen to her songs, you’ll definitely have the urge to get on the floor and dance with her beats & words that naturally bring self-confidence.

Now, let’s jump into Lizzo’s songs that are sure to boost your serotonin and make you dance!

“Good As Hell”

If you want a major boost to your happiness, here’s your best pick! With a major vocal presence and lyrics that bring confidence to your life, “Good As Hell” is sure going to make you shake your body and dance.

The line if he don’t love you anymore/ walk your fine ass out the door is when we get out of our chairs and start dancing, and we don’t stop after the next versus either. This is a big confidence boost for those of us going through a breakup, as it will make you even more confident. You’ll feel like you can kick any guy who dims your shine all the way to the curb and focus on good vibes coming ahead.

Because when life asks you “baby how you feeling”, you sure can tell the world you are “good as hell”.

“Truth Hurts”

We just took a DNA test and turns out, this song about cheating comes in handy when you need a serotonin refill. With rap-style lyrics and a strong beat, this ode to revenge calls for a dance session you’ll never forget. Billboard even defined the song as a hymn for women’s empowerment due to the content of the lyrics.

But the boost the song will give you goes way beyond the words. It calls for a shake. The truth may hurt, but a good dance will never hurt you. It’s something exciting, way more exciting than a new man on your favorite sports team.


This is definitely a song that will boost your serotonin even more.

It may not have the same pounding beat as “Good As Hell” or “Truth Hearts”, but it’s a guaranteed, fun way to make your day merrier. With a beat that reminds us of some Bruno Mars songs, and a video that shows Lizzo working out at a gym, you’ll definitely want to use this song during your cardio routine – or to any exercise routine that you have during your day.

As the trend shows in Lizzo’s major hits, the lyrics in “Juice” reflect womanhood, but delve more into the beauty aspect. This song tells the story of a woman who’s a standout among standouts, completely empowered & confident about herself. Lizzo’s far from shy about showing the world her success in life in this song, especially with guys. 

Overall, “Juice” is a fun, juicy ballad that will make you dance so hard, you’ll certainly “blame it on the juice”. Its upbeat message is enough to make your day a lot brighter and improve your mood, too. Lizzo songs are an invitation for a good time, and good times are irresistibly beneficial to our health and our relationships.

Are you excited to hear new Lizzo songs? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below! 

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