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#FreeLilNasX! Twitter surrounds the gay icon with love as he heads to court following the Satan Shoes controversy.

Is Lil Nas X going to jail? All the reasons we should free this gay icon

Lil Nas X, gay icon of the highest order and lap dancer of Satan, is heading to court. Why? Well, it has to do with the whole Satan lap-dance thing. Not the way that you would think though. No, this has to do with Lil Nas X’s custom Nike Satan shoes. You know, the ones that actually had blood in them and were covered with all sorts of devil iconography?

Yeah, well, the gay icon got sued by Nike over copyright infringement. Nike didn’t give Lil Nas X permission to make the customs and don’t want their brand associated with it. Now, they’re going to court to figure out that thin line between making customs and the copyright that goes with it. After all, plenty of people have gotten custom shoes before, but, well, few have gone the level of Lil Nas X.

So what does this mean for the gay icon? How does the internet feel about Lil Nas X heading to court? Well, there’s #FreeLilNasX happening, so let’s take a dive in there first.


He can seriously go to jail for this?!

So there is a chance that the rapper may be going to jail. Yikes.


GoFundMe, anyone? 

Gen Z is ready to throw down for Lil Nas X, but, like, with what they can afford on their salary.


You’re thinking of Phoenix Wright school of law

That’s not how the law works. 


Don’t be a meanie

Hopefully, it’s just a fine or something. Or, hey, all charges dropped.


That’s one way to handle things

It sounds like people are planning a jailbreak.


What’re you in here for?

It’s definitely something to tell others if he does (hopefully not) go to jail.


Probably not happening

Dance for the judge!


The people’s language

And the gay puns have started.


That sounds like a plan

Maybe we should put the CEO of Nike in jail.


Chill, Nike

Seriously. Isn’t this a bit much? You stopped the sale of the shoes!

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