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After the surgery, the BTS ARMY were told that Suga is to “undergo a strict & unhindered period of recovery.” Let's find out more.

Suga from BTS: How is his recovery? Get the latest update on his health

The wildly popular Koren boyband BTS is having a big year – they’ve been on a roll, breaking records & releasing hits after hits. After an epic reception of their studio album Map of The Soul:7, their first English single “Dynamite” earned the distinct record of more than 100 million views on its debut day, followed by an uproarious success of their latest album BE.

The music video for “Dynamite” has now amassed 500 million views, becoming the fastest Korean outfit to manage this feat. And more recently, they earned a Grammy nomination too. They’ve also gained a lot, in monetary terms, with the IPO of their record label Big Hit Entertainment, which brought them the gift of 68,385 shares each.

However, just as everyone was celebrating the release of the latest album BE, it was announced that one member of the septet has undergone major surgery. Suga underwent surgery for a torn shoulder labrum on November 3. It wasn’t until a few days later that an official statement to this effect was released by the record label.

Suga from BTS was carrying old wounds

Reportedly, Suga had been struggling quite a bit with his shoulder injury since a long time – his shoulder dislocation apparently dates back to his pre-BTS days when he was just a trainee at the record label – and a posterior labral tear in his left shoulder last year only aggravated the situation. 

He stayed committed to all the projects BTS has released this year, and once their latest album was ready to go out to the world, he took this time to seek long-due medical attention. At this point, his pain had assumed unbearable proportions, hampering his mobility. 

After the surgery, fans of BTS – the BTS ARMY – were told that Suga is to “undergo a strict & unhindered period of recovery.” Which explains his absence from the promotional activities of the album. Suga also issues a statement, “Please understand this time as being my chance to prepare to meet you again and healthy, and even if I must be away for a short while, please wait for me to come back to you.”

The ARMY reciprocated with empathy in equal measure, and wished for his speedy recovery, flooding social media with such messages. Later, in an interview, Jimin shared progress on Suga’s recovery, “The surgery went well. He’s saying that he misses all of you. I hope you can wish for his speedy recovery with me too.”

What’s the latest update from Suga?

Owing to the outpouring of love from fans, Suga recently opened up with more details about his progress in recovery. He replied on social media, indicating that rehabilitation has been hard on him, that the physical therapy is painful, but he’s working hard & implored the fans not to worry too much.

We’ll echo what Jimin said about Suga’s recovery, “If you wait just a little bit, you’ll see him back and healthy soon.” The last public appearance Suga made was through a phone call at a V Live broadcast. The rest of the band was on the sets, doing a live fan interaction when Suga was rung in as a surprise. 

There, he’d shared that his left arm would need a long time to recover fully, explaining how his current mobility levels manage to allow him a game of rock-paper-scissors. The medical hiccup couldn’t dampen his spirit as he said, “Everyone, please enjoy our album BE and I think you’ll really enjoy it because we were very involved in making it. I’ve still got it on repeat too.”

In the meantime, their album BE broke their own Spotify record for the best debut,as they registered 42.8 million streams within the first 24 hours on the music streaming platform.

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