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The boy band known to the world as BTS has been having a rollercoaster year. What's happening with Suga?

How is BTS’s Suga doing after surgery? His surprise appearance

The boy band known to the world as BTS has been having a rollercoaster year, despite the pandemic. From breaking major records – “Dynamite” music video raking in 500 million views making them the fastest Korean outfit to reach that number & the biggest Spotify debut of the year, among others – to releasing their latest album BE, the boys have been busy.

In the midst of all these celebrations came an announcement earlier this month that Suga underwent surgery for his shoulder repair. It’s no news that Suga has been battling a troubling shoulder for a long time. Before BTS was BTS, Suga worked in deliveries. That’s when he got his shoulder injury. On November 3, after years of pain & successive injuries, he went under the knife.

The successive injuries – a shoulder dislocation in 2013 & a posterior labral tear of his left shoulder in 2019 – required that his injury be heeded to sooner rather than later. Lately, he’d been suffering acute symptoms. He was reportedly unable to raise his arms. Sudden bouts of pain didn’t help the situation. 

The ARMY sends love

While it was good to hear that Suga was receiving the medical attention & resources he needed, it meant that the ARMY would get to see less & less of their favorite celebrity. Suga acknowledged that there might be some impact on his involvement with the band & with the ARMY.

In an official statement, the band’s label Big Hit Entertainment mentioned that Suga was “very aware of how concerned and worried the fans must be and knows how sad the fans must feel.” Suga added, “Please understand this time as being my chance to prepare to meet you again and healthy, and even if I must be away for a short while, please wait for me to come back to you.”

Jimin was also seen echoing the sentiment in a recent interview, where he shared updates about Suga with the fans, “The surgery went well. He’s saying that he misses all of you. I hope you can wish for his speedy recovery with me too.” 

He explained why this was the ideal time for Suga’s surgery now that their latest creation is out in the universe, “Suga decided to get the treatment early before his health got worse because he wants to be with you for a very long time. If you wait just a little bit, you’ll see him back and healthy soon.”

Surprise for the ARMY

With the release of BE, Suga surprised the group & fans in their comeback V Live broadcast! The band was having a live fan interaction. While Suga was unable to physically be on the set for shooting this, he made a surprise appearance, much to the delight of his bandmates & fans.

He rang in with a surprise phone call where he shared details about his recovery & progress. He mentioned that his left arm would need longer to recover fully for him to be able to use it fully, but there’s enough mobility for a game of rock-paper-scissors. That was a quip in response to Jin’s question. The guys are taking this playfully.

At the same time, they understand that this isn’t ideal as reflected in J-Hope’s words, “It feels empty without you.” Suga shared, “I think I’ll start rehabilitation next week.” He implored the fans & audiences to enjoy their album, “Everyone, please enjoy our album BE and I think you’ll really enjoy it because we were very involved in making it. I’ve still got it on repeat too.”

The fun of the phone call came to its grand finale with Sug singing “Telepathy” on being asked by Jungkook.


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