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Playing an Uno reverse card basically makes you an instantaneous arbiter of karma. Troll your friends with these Uno memes.

Troll your friends with these Uno reverse card memes

If only life were like one big game of Uno. Little trills & victories lighting up your day with each card you play. A game akin to Crazy Eights, Uno slips in special cards like wild, skip, and draw, adding some spunk to the battle of luck & wit. But by far the most satisfying card in Uno is the slick reverse card. 

If you’re drawing a blank on how the reverse card works exactly we’ll explain the basics. Playing a reverse card lets you reverse the direction of play, which means that any negative effects of a malicious card heading your way (such as a draw 2 card) can instantly be deflected back at the one who bestowed it on you. 

Playing an Uno reverse card basically makes you an instantaneous arbiter of karma. Except it’s more like, what comes around goes reverse. Golly, wouldn’t it be nice if the reverse card could work IRL? 😏 See the Uno reverse card in action in these hilarious memes. 

It’s your move Kaiba

Ah, the instant gratification of a double reverse – who would have seen it coming? Somehow Yugioh always seems to have one up his sleeve. Wait a second . . . that’s not the right card game!

Draw 3 days to live

Oof, and you thought drawing two cards was bad. RIP doctor. 

Formidable reverse weaponry

The power of four reverse cards compiled into one? Better just forfeit life now. 

Bye, bye

If only the reverse card could make our problems disappear. Uno reverse card memes might do the trick, though!

Oh no, uno or no u?

Whoever came to this perfect realization is a hero. The Uno memes have only gotten better since the magnificent discovery.

Haha, take that!

Uno reverse cards sure can inflate the ego . . . but just wait until someone uses it on you


Who knew that spoons played Uno? They’re just mini reverse cards waiting for their moment to strike.

No u are

This simple yet vicious insult hurt so much back in the day. . . . 

Love goes around ❤️

Finally a non-malicious use of the Uno reverse card. 

Take that, impostor! 

Is there a reverse card mod we can download for Among Us? Because that would be fantastic. Let the memes merge!

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