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We understand just how horrible it feels once that time of the month comes around. Relax and laugh along with us at all the most relatable period memes.

Curl up with a heating pad and try to laugh at these period memes

Is there anything worse than being on your period? Sure there is, but that doesn’t mean our once-a-month visitor is any fun to deal with. When you add in the cramps, headaches, fatigue, bloating, and a boatload of other symptoms, getting your period is one of the worst feelings around.

Still, there are ways to get through it like by using a Biome reusable period pad, taking Advil, and dressing in your comfiest old sweats. There’s also period humor, which takes a bad situation and makes it just a little bit better. Humor can get us through a lot of bad situations, including a painful period, and we’re grateful for that.

Here are fifteen funny period memes to get you through your next period.

Pick a flavor

Well, at least he tried!

Pain, pain go away

We wish this wasn’t so (painfully) accurate.


Breakfast of the champions!

We hate when this happens

It’s probably the grossest feeling in the world, am I right?

Legolas has it right

Humor is our coping mechanism.

Free at last!

Is there a better feeling than knowing your period is finally over?

Netflix & cry

The only time it’s acceptable to eat Flaming Hot Cheetos for breakfast.

Is there anything more accurate?

We don’t think so!

You tried!

Getting your period messes up all our plans.

Cramps are the worst

Is there anything more inconvenient than getting period cramps when you’ve got stuff to do?

C’mon and celebrate!

The day your period ends is basically the best day of the month.

Periods ruin everything

Is it really so much to ask to have uninterrupted plans for once?

Why do commercials make periods look fun?

We all know periods are straight up hell, not a party!

Te Fiti knows!

Getting your periods makes you feel like you’re a whole new person. And not in a good way.

It’s the worst

It’s even worse when you’re taking a test and can’t get up to go to the bathroom.

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  • the moana one SO SO true

    February 3, 2021

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