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You know it's Monday when you can't get up in the morning. But have you stopped to check out a Monday meme? Take a look at the most relatable oof memes.

Monday is a big oof: Laugh it off with these memes

Every week, the same thing happens. Just as you’re settling into your weekend groove, it’s suddenly Monday again. Luckily, we’re here for moral support. So grab an extra large cup of coffee and laugh off the big “oof” of Monday with these hilarious memes. 

Scarier than any horror movie

We all know that feeling far too well – you wake up, realize it’s Monday, and are thrown into the deep depths of despair. This meme perfectly encapsulates this feeling. We can’t imagine that Drew Barrymore in Scream could have possibly been more scared to be on the phone with a killer than we are remembering it’s Monday today!

Dead inside

We strongly believe that there is no possible situation in which a meme from The Office isn’t insanely appropriate. In this meme, Michael Scott’s blank facial expression. Just. Says. It. All.


Every time we hear someone utter the phrase “happy Monday,” we basically wince in pain. Mondays are anything but happy, and this witty meme is the perfect way to fire back at that annoyingly chipper co-worker on a Monday morning.

Extra coffee, please

We usually take our coffee medium, but on Mondays, we have no choice but to go for the extra large. With a shot of espresso. And some Red Bull on the side.

Put on a happy face

This meme pretty much sums up how we feel faking a smile on a Monday morning

Need. Extra. Sleep. Now.

Today, we are all this little kid waking up and asking if he should sleep some more. 

Monday brings all the tears

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re not feeling like this today, (at least on the inside), then we’re a little suspicious of you.

Monday Lisa

One of our personal favorite Monday memes takes the classic Mona Lisa painting and makes her look like she’s just rolled out of bed. (It’s kinda scary how much this photo resembles us this morning . . . )


Heading into Monday

We don’t know if we’ve ever seen something quite as relatable as this polar bear. 

Whether you’re working from home or you’re out on the job as an essential worker, Mondays are tough for everyone. So pat yourselves on the back for making it through another day, and stash these memes away in a special place so you can look at them when the next Monday rolls around. 

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