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Whose team are you on: Gen Z or millennials? The fight is on. It's Millennials vs. Gen Z time and here are the best memes from the fight.

Millennials vs Gen Z: The best memes from the ongoing fight

Whose team are you on: Gen Z or millennials? The fight is on, and it’s heating up every day. Gen Z has roasted millennials for their fashion choices & hairstyles, while millennials are hitting them right back with critiques of their youthful lingo. Here are some of the best memes on Twitter from the ongoing fight.

Battle scars

One millennial pointed out they hold leverage in this fight because they were present in the . . . troubling . . . nascent stages of the internet.

I don’t think about you

Another advocate for the millennial argument repurposed an iconic moment from Mad Men where Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman) confronts Don Draper (Jon Hamm) whose result is a pretty sick burn.

That awkward moment

One person pointed out that the age gap between millennials & Gen Zers makes the whole thing kind of awkward, as it means adults are fighting with teens. 

Battle wounds

Another person argued that, if you have younger people in your life, you might be used to the Gen Z abuse enough to let the whole thing go once and for all.

Traffic sucks!

Another Twitter user came for the Gen Z tendency to turn little inconveniences into “trauma,” and we can’t help but laugh.

Millennial culture

Do you have someone in your life who sends you TikToks in texts? This might have just exposed them . . . 

A case for Gen Z

One person came out with a heartfelt firsthand comment about Gen Z students, explaining that they were some of the most “empathetic and thoughtful” people she’s ever worked with. And we thought that was a pretty good case for the Gen Z side of the argument.

We’re normal . . . we swear

Yes, we’ve totally never heard of a millennial doing anything wrong . . . 

It’s okay to be uncool

One Twitter user spoke out about how this discourse has made her realize she’s actually uncool, and she’s cool with that. And, hey, if skinny jeans are wrong, well we don’t want to be right. 

We’re all victims

One Twitter user repurposed an iconic GIF from Mean Girls, illustrating how tough it can be to be ganged up on by Gen Zers. We feel you, Twitter user.

Meet Jonathan

This picture of an old turtle is actually how we feel when we’re introduced by Gen Zers, and we’re not okay.

The battle of the side parts

This moment in There Will Be Blood reminds us a lot of arguments between Gen Z & millennials. Hopefully, no one comes along and drinks our milkshake.

With the fight between Gen Z & millennials heating up, we know it isn’t coming to an end any time soon – all we can really do is grab some popcorn and watch the chaos unfold. Whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments below.


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