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Rapper Lil Uzi Vert got a diamond implanted in his forehead. Look at the best reactions from Twitter about it.

Lil Uzi Vert becomes Twitter meme after embedding a diamond in his face

People have gotten some . . . odd things implanted into them over the years. From getting a jewel into your tooth to a guy getting breast implants in order to collect on a bet, there have been things implanted into people. We have the admit though Lil Uzi Vert may be taking things to a new level. The 26-year-old rapper got a $24 million USD diamond implanted into his face.

If you want us to be exact, Lil Uzi Vert, known for “Bad and Boujee” and “XO Tour Llif3”, got the diamond, which he has been paying off since 2017, implanted into his forehead. What is the world? Someone got a natural pink diamond implanted into his face. This isn’t even the weirdest thing that happened so far in 2021. Anyway, Twitter has some thoughts about Lil Uzi Vert’s diamond. 

Let’s look at the memes. 

It’s not even centered.

Seriously? They couldn’t center it, right? That would bother us forever

Hope he likes Marvel

Naturally, there were so many Vision comparisons. 

Time to change your name, dude. 

Seriously, they are there to be made. 

Oh good. It’s not just us.

Yeah. Yeah. Glad it’s not just us being old.

That’s a lot for a cosplay! 

We have to admit. We’ve seen some killer cosplays, but spending $24 million is a bit wild. 


Maybe it is an anime reference . . . .

Sooner or later, someone is going to try to take that diamond out. 

Someone is going to commit this crime

Seriously, up your security.

It really is going to be inevitable.


What is 2021 when the forehead diamond doesn’t win as the most out-of-touch celeb thing done?  

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