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Time to dive into the world of baffled internet rage with KFC gaming! Dive right in to see the mixed response that Twitter is giving this account.

KFC gaming: Why did this April Fools joke receive a mixed response?

It’s April Fool’s Day, which usually means that giant, faceless corporations try to be relevant with the kids by posting marketing disguised as pranks. We do our best to get through the day, wonder why anyone really loves April Fool’s, and then not think about anything to do with the holiday until next year. After it, the day inevitably starts again, and you just want to get away from human society. 

KFC, however, had a prank that was a more mixed response: KFC gaming. Why KFC felt the need for a gaming Twitter, we don’t want to speculate. Their April Fool’s prank was promising to follow back people on Twitter. When they didn’t, they sent some users fried chicken instead. No one knows why this exists. Instead, it looks like KFC gaming is probably run by an intern who knows about gaming news.

So far, they’re thrown shade at both Burger King and Call of Duty. Twitter, naturally, has some thoughts on things. Let’s take a look at the mixed response to KFC gaming.

*squints at KFC gaming*

We can’t tell if this is terrible or good.

Dream Colonel? 

Honestly, this is what we thought when we heard the phrase KFC gaming, tbh. Well we thought they were bringing it back.

The internet! *jazz hands*

People may want it back, KFC gaming. 

The kettle is whistling, honey

Spill that tea!

Can mega corporations stop being #relatable? 

We feel like, honestly, that we may be having some sort of break with reality.


Cheers, bro. Let’s just wait for the inevitable collapse of our society! 

Stupid marketing ploy

Now we want chicken.

Breaking hearts on April Fool’s 

Wow, KFC gaming, you really broke some hearts today. 

Do we all just subconsciously block these memories out? 

Can’t wait for next year when other companies try to cash in with better graphics.

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