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Is it time to face the nude reality that Broadway's favorite 'Funny Girl' Lea Michele can't actually read? These hilarious memes say so!

Is Lea Michele illiterate? The nude truth

When the rumor mill starts going, there’s no telling what can happen. Sometimes it’s harmless & short-lived. Other times, though, their little insidious nuggets of almost-fact that live on forever. Lea Michele has never had a nude leaked, but she probably wishes she has just for a narrative change.

Back in 2018, Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman took to their One More Thing podcast for an exposé. The target? None other than the Funny Girl star herself. They claimed that she’d become illiterate due to early Broadway fame and was aided on the set of Glee.

Of course, this ridiculous bit of hearsay can’t be true . . . or can it? The original video has since been taken down, but it’s not stopped the speculation around Michele’s reading skills – or lack thereof. Regardless, let’s see what the internet has to say about everyone’s favorite set bully:

Lives for drama

It all started with a messy article on Buzzfeed leaning into one of the wildest claims of 2022.


she’ll say it after the fact or not at all🤔 #leamichele #leamicheleisilliterate #foryoupage #glee

♬ original sound – kim⁷

Illiterate proof

The rumor quickly evolved as people seemed to evidence it might actually be true.


#stitch with @pattypopculture i’m not a conspiracy theorist but for this conspiracy i am #leamichele #leamicheleisilliterate #glee

♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

Confusing scrawl

Like, is that a signature or the nude truth of Lea Michele calling out for help?

Et tu, Grindr?

As Damian from Mean Girls said, she doesn’t even go here!

It’s giving

Beloved pop star Olivia Rodrigo was put on the case but to no avail.

Can’t beat ‘em

Like a leaked nude, Lea Michele tried to fight the hilarious rumor by calling it misogynistic.

Wrong priorities

Many were quick to point out how she’d never given the same energy to claims of her being racist.


#leamichele addresses the viral meme saying “she can’t read” here’s how i would’ve handled it #greenscreen #damagecontroled #fyp #fypシ #conspiracytheories

♬ original sound – Franchesca

Professional help

Popular YouTuber Franchesca Leigh decided to help her out.

Join them!

So, like a leaked nude, Lea Michele realized there was no stopping the gossip.

Never not funny

Regardless of whether or not it’s true, this rumor is the gift that keeps on meme-ing.

Do you think Lea Michele can’t read? Or is the internet just having a laugh at her expense? Let us know your well-read thoughts in the comments below!

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