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Do you have a sick, twisted sense of humor? Tickle your funny bone with these black comedy memes. Share them to shock your friends.

Black comedy memes: Try not to laugh or you might go to Hell

Do you have a sick, twisted sense of humor? So do we. That’s why we compiled some black comedy memes that we’re going to Hell for sharing with you. 

From ruined childhoods to taboo topics, we got you covered. Enjoy some of our favorite black comedy memes. Share them with friends! 

Keep it G-rated

Think of the child you abducted! 

The only wish they can’t grant

We wonder if any kids asked that – innocently or precociously. 

But you don’t have any arms

But they don’t have eyesight, either. 

Incest is best

Is this the Lannister family dinner table? 

Viagra jokes are always fun

And then they ruin your childhood. 

Reminder to get your shots

And don’t cough on Timmy. Oh wait, too late. 

Oh boy, celebrity sex cults! 

Thanks to the news, no one is innocent. 

To be fair, we thought it was a fart

The brown color isn’t from our bath bomb. Whoops! 

Next time you get a game request

Tired of those choose-your-own-adventure games? We feel you. 

Too soon? 

Is it too soon to dig Paul Walker up? Get it? We’ll show ourselves out for the bad pun. 

I don’t think it’s a toilet

But since most people get baptized before they’re potty trained, maybe Jesus will forgive? 

Back to the Dark Ages

We thought we wouldn’t stretch this article too long. 

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