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Is Disney too squeaky clean for your taste? Laugh at the funniest Disney princess memes, from tame to super dark.

The dark side of Disney: Get a laugh with these edgy Disney memes

The Walt Disney Company is the gold standard for wholesome entertainment. The Disney aesthetic is bubbly & soft, and the brand tells us you never have to grow up and there’s a kid in all of us. People eat up that crap, and the cult of Disney is a powerful one, best shown in the massive groups of people who continue to visit Disney theme parks in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Disney fandom has created new perceptions of the classic films that iconized the Disney brand. For every traditional Disney cosplayer, you’ll find two Disney character re-imaginings whether it be a painting of Aladdin with gauges or a sleeve tattoo of Snow White in fishnets. Edge-lords can’t seem to stay away from Disney and tarnish the idealized visions of famous Disney imagery.

The dark side of Disney is best shown on Twitter in Disney memes. While most Disney memes embrace the fluffiness of the Disney aesthetic, other memes use the brand to tackle dark subjects and bring edge to the otherwise family-friendly brand. Check out some of the best edgy Disney memes we could find on Twitter.

A tad dark

This cute Maleficent meme is a good one to start off the list at it’s the least dark. Many would argue the Disney brand is about bringing people together, but this meme tells an opposite story. 

This meme about staying up captures the eerily hypnotizing nature of our smartphones, a dark truth that’s hard to avoid when you’ve lost control of your phone habits.

Can’t stop thinking about your worst moments? Spiraling thoughts can deteriorate our mental health, and this Inside Out meme targets one of our brains’ worst tendencies.

Over the past year, days seem to blend together and some of us can’t help but cope in any destructive way possible. Sound familiar? This edgy Disney princess meme is for you.

Getting darker

This meme addressing the darkness in 2018’s Bao captures our sentiment about the disturbing reality of the film. Maybe Disney isn’t so soft after all.

To embrace Disney is to embrace pure fantasy and disconnect from the harsh realities of the world. This Disney meme does the opposite and reminds us of the struggle of 2020.

This hilarious edition to Twitter’s Disney memes captures the secret fondness some of us have for hand sanitizer, thanks to some precious memories of Barton’s vodka.

Pitch black

Speaking of vodka, this pick about over consumption is one of the gloomiest of Twitter’s Disney memes. In 2021, sometimes we all feel like Alice.

This meme is perhaps meant to be cute, but is nothing short of creepy. If there’s anything darker than ignoring the world’s implosion, masked up spending money at Disney World, we don’t know what it is. 

We leave you with the darkest of the Disney memes, one without even a joke. This French meme cuts right to the chase in pulling back the veil Disney so tenaciously holds down. The translation is “love in Disney movies vs. love in real life”: it’s just not the same.

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