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If you believe in life after death, you must be wondering what will happen when Prince Philip runs into Princess Diana. Place your bets and check the memes!

Prince Philip’s death: Cry with laughter over these Princess Diana memes

You might have heard Prince Philip died today. Okay, there’s no “might have” about it – if you’ve been online, then you know. And that means you’ve already been exposed to all sorts of memes about this most recent royal development. There are memes about Prince Philip’s death. There are memes about the Prince Philip memes. And then there are memes about Princess Diana reacting to Prince Philip’s death. 

Gotta love the internet.

Look, death is serious business. But some of us deal with it by using comedy as a coping mechanism. Also, some people just really hated how Prince Philip treated Princess Diana. So look at these memes as an extreme form of venting. And if you happen to laugh at one or two of them? We won’t tell.

Little birdie told me

Prince Philip’s death aside, isn’t it adorable to picture Princess Diana listening in on our Twitter chatter? Where are the memes about her reaction to season 4 of The Crown?

Sound the horn three times

It’s pretty easy to imagine Princess Diana having already established herself as the leader of an afterlife army.


Then again, who needs an army when you have access to a knife that’s twice your size.

Ay, caramba!

It’s almost inevitable to include a Simpsons meme whenever we do one of these collections. When a show’s been running for so long, you can use it to meme Princess Diana, Prince Philip, death, or a combination of all three.

Everybody panic!

Odds are Prince Philip will show a more vulnerable side of himself now that he’s out of the public eye.

First, you gotta get past me

Princess Diana must have been waiting for this moment since her death, so Prince Philip better have a good plan to sneak into the afterlife.

Princess Di ‘84

You know, if Wonder Woman 1984 had to exist so we could have this meme, then maybe it was all worth it after all.

Triple-dog-daring you

Honestly, we don’t really think Princess Diana would put on this much of a show for Prince Philip, but we also don’t know how much she could’ve changed since her death.

Show of shows

It’s WrestleMania weekend, by the way. It’d be a shame not to throw in a wrestling meme in the mix.

You get a meme, and you get a meme . . .

Oprah has made her allegiances pretty clear over the past couple of months, so this meme seems very appropriate.

Run, royals, run!

Prince Philip was quite the sporty guy back in the day, so there’s a good chance he could stay ahead of Princess Diana for a good while.

You got a point there

Stranger things have happened, but yeah, this might be a long shot.

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