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'Cruella' has been unleashed onto the world and her villainous origin has become a meme. Howl with laughter at the origins for Cruella de Vil.

Cruella de Vil’s origin story becomes a meme: See the best tweets

Cruella, the villainous origin story for one Cruella de Vil, has been unleashed onto the world. With it, people are meme-ing things to high heaven. Why? Well, we would say spoilers, but, at this point, it feels like everyone knows this old story. Early on, we learned that Cruella’s (Emma Stone) beloved adoptive mother was killed by a pack of dalmatians set on young Cruella by the Baroness (Emma Thompson).

You sure read that right, folks. Cruella’s dark origin story is that a pack of dalmatians killed her mother and that’s why she doesn’t like them. Naturally, the internet is having some fun with this movie revelation. The true origins of Cruella have become some prime meme fodder. Naturally, this means that we need to share some of the best memes of Cruella de Vil’s origin story.


When did this happen?

Getting some whiplash from this gif that we don’t recognize. Yet, you know, perfect considering the origin story.


This is the movie exactly

Out of context spoilers are right on.


Cruella de Vil has a Taylor Swift moment

Time to mash-up that Taylor Swift meme.


We’re still so baffled by this decision

Apparently that is her emotionally scarring backstory.


Target locked

We know those Dalmatians were chasing after young Cruella, but, seriously, they did not even pause before going after her mom.


Give someone that A grade

The Dalmatian thing was definitely weird, but whoever was in charge of costume? They understood the assignment.


Sure, why not

Look at the non-murdering good boy. This one is only a pickpocket. 


The costumes and the soundtrack were also part of it

Hey, if you’re gonna have an origin story might as well go big on the dead mom angle. Or something.


She just stood there!!

But, really, she could have dodged.


We still don’t know where the plot of 101 Dalmatians happens after the film

You do you or something, Cruella de Vil. 


The internet’s take

You have to be a singularly interesting movie to provoke that sort of reaction in people.

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