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From establishing your voice to networking & brand building, here's how you can write guest posts that boost your SEO rankings across the web!

Is writing Guest Posts the best way to boost your SEO rankings?

Creating a business can be a daunting task. Being your own boss and creating your own schedule sounds optimal. However, getting it off the ground means also being in charge of creating the product as well as marketing it. This is where writing guest posts come in.

A guest post is an article written for different websites. People can stick with the metaphorical rivers & lakes they’re used to, or they can challenge themself to write about something else. Either way, their writing is then featured and their talent is shared – and maybe even monetized.

Like all things, writing a guest post has its challenges. Yet, it also offers many benefits. It can help up-and-coming writers get established, network with various websites, and gain brand exposure. What does this mean for SEO rankings?

Guest Posts

What are SEO rankings?

People tend to use a specific word or phrase to find information. Used so many times, the word or phrase gets stored within the site’s algorithm. For example, type ‘Johnny Depp’ into the Google search bar and it will immediately start offering autocomplete suggestions.

This is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Basically, the website is telling its owner that so many people looking up certain phrases or words means they’re interested. This in turn promises high engagement if the website utilizes that same terminology.

SEO rankings rate a website’s ability to utilize multiple SEO keywords. Guest posts help because people who write them can focus multiple articles around specific keywords. If articles are traffic, then SEO keywords are the directions getting them to the websites.

Guest Posts


Writing guest posts for hosts’ websites can help both the writer & the website:

Get established

Use guest posts to establish your voice as an authority in one or many fields. Covering a variety of topics can showcase flexibility even while it lacks focus. Sticking to one topic can grow boring even as it builds a brand around the writer. Regardless, more posts can establish a writer in whatever field they focus on.

No one else knows how smart someone is until they share their knowledge with others. A person can be highly informed in the field of business marketing, for example. Without writing guest posts, though, it can be hard for them to prove this to anyone else.

This form of information sharing highlights the skill, patience, and willingness to work hard. More than anything, more articles eventually make the writer’s name an important SEO in & of itself. Speaking of how guest posts benefit the websites. . .

Guest Posts

Build relationships

Networking is essential to creating a business. Writing guest posts are often the bonding glue between independent writers & host websites. The writers share their talents through the website and the website benefits from their articles.

Like all relationships, trust is the most important element. Websites trust writers to follow guidelines and respect deadlines with the promise of boosting their traffic. Writers trust websites to actually showcase their work to a wide audience.

This can turn into a long-term working relationship or it could be short-term. The goal, in any case, is to make the relationship work in favor of all involved. The better the relationship, the more they can rely on each other for future projects.

Guest Posts

Brand exposure

The big word these days is ‘brand’. In an influencer-focused industry, a brand is personality, voice, and marketing. A well-established brand can help one elevate themselves in their field of expertise. Remember that time actress Keke Palmer got mad at singer Trey Songz? It’s because he compromised her brand by trying to put her in a raunchy music video.

Guest posts are an easy way for writers to both build a brand and expose it to new audiences. Maybe an audience is unfamiliar with your work. An established brand lets them know the writer by helping them build a picture of them in their mind. If they like that picture, they can get invested in more of what they have to offer.

SEO rankings are essential when an audience wants to know more about a writer. It’s the song & dance of getting your name out there and eventually building their own audience. Writing guest posts are the vehicles driving writers into success through their relationships with other websites.

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