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WOMEN’S DAY! Click to Know the Best Women’s Day Gift

Every March 8, we celebrate women’s day to celebrate the achievements of women in various spheres of life. Being a woman can be hard, considering the prevailing patriarchy in nearly all places of the world. Amid this challenging environment, the theme of women’s day emphasizes the importance of creating an inclusive world where everyone can thrive and succeed. But celebrating this day without a women’s day gift is so dull and even disrespectful. After all, you have to endorse the contributions of women around you on this day.

Significance of the endorsement of Women’s Day

Let’s admit it. Endorsing the contribution of women is important in all walks of life. Whether they are contributing to the world economically, politically, socially, or culturally, women are an important part of this world. While it is easy to get all the credit for being a man, it is equally important to give women the due credit for their hard work. The need to appreciate women and to endorse their role urges us to celebrate a women’s day so that gender equality can be promoted. One of the best ways of endorsing women around you is to give them a women’s day gift. Giving your lady a women’s day gift makes you admit that you respect their existence and feel special around them.

Achievements of women

Women are playing an exceptional role in driving the world forward, and the numbers prove it. In line with the statistics of the World Bank, women of Latin America reduced the poverty rate of the region by 30% within 8–10 years just because of their economic contribution. Furthermore, women make up more than 38% of the global labor force, meaning having a functional global economy is impossible without women. Even in sports, women are burning the midnight oil to break historical records. Be it tennis star Sania Mirza from India, who broke shackles to emerge as a female tennis icon in a rather conservative society, or Ariarne Titmus, who made her name in the world of swimming. Women are present everywhere in sports.

All of these achievements of women deserve applause, considering that this community has been under severe restrictions over the years in different parts of the world. This means that you should celebrate the upcoming women’s day with full flow and by appreciating the very presence of the women around you. And what’s a better way of celebrating this day than giving a women’s day gift?

benco V82 Recommendation

While you can have various women’s day gifts, what about having something worth the price and hype of this day. This is why benco V82 is the best gift for women which makes the receiving women feel important. Here is how:

  • Real Value

benco mobile 82 is something that is the best women’s day gift. The features which come at such a nominal price are worth grabbing immediately. Mobile phones are not something that you buy every other week or month, so getting them to your loved ones on a special event like women’s day is a perfect thing to do.


  • Use Value

Given the wide variety of features in benco V82, this mobile is a perfect device for every woman. The high capacity battery it holds, the exceptional camera it carries, and the big display it has, everything in this device adds value in some sense, making it a perfect item for a women’s day gift.

Here is a quick overview of what benco V82 brings to the table:

  • 6.517″ HD + Waterdrop display
  • 8MP camera
  • 8MP + VGA rear camera
  • 4GB RAM+3GB virtual RAM/ 64GB ROM

3GB RAM+3GB virtual RAM/ 64GB ROM

  • 0.6-sec face unlock
  • 0.3-sec fingerprint unlock
  • 1.6 GHz Octa Core processor
  • 5000 mAh battery with up to 31 days of standby time


  • Sentimental Value

benco V82 is not only valuable from a materialistic point of view. Given its sentimental value, this mobile is a great way to become emotionally attached to someone. Whether you are giving it to your wife, daughter, or girlfriend, benco mobile hits differently on women’s day, making it a perfect women’s day gift. The ability of benco V82 to solve almost all modern-day smartphone needs is the very reason why your women will be attached to this phone emotionally, which makes it a unique gift on such an auspicious occasion.

Wrapping Up

benco mobile is a reputable name in the global smartphone industry. They bring exceptional features to their mobile phones, that too at a minimum cost. They are always dependent on their team of engineers and scientists who are ready to incorporate new things into mobile phones. The reliability of benco mobiles also brings fun and joy to your lives, which is unarguably the best thing to get in these tense times.

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