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Do you think you may be under investigation for white collar crime? See how to prepare if you or your business is ever suspected of white collar crime.

White Collar Criminal Defense – Lessons You Can Learn

An investigation is always the first step in the criminal justice process, including cases of suspected white-collar crime.

It is common for the Federal Bureau of Investigations to become involved in such criminal cases.

Whether it’s the FBI or your local law enforcement, it’s important to understand the various indicators that you’re being looked at, or are under investigation, for a white-collar crime.

Most people go through their lives without ever considering the possibility that they’re the target of an investigation.

In some cases, you may hear about a new or ongoing investigation through the grapevine.

While not knowing for sure isn’t an ideal situation, finding out about an investigation through the grapevine often provides you with the best opportunities to proactively prepare for an investigation should you be contacted.

You receive a target letter from a federal prosecutor that notifies you that you are officially under investigation.

Step two is to immediately contact a criminal attorney specializing in white collar crimes.

Before you speak to anyone regarding the investigation.

Broden & Mickelsen Law Firm are leading white collar criminal defense lawyers in Dallas with decades of experience.

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