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What Products Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Some people grow several inches of hair in a single day. However, the rest of us aren’t always so lucky: when age sets in or we just get a bad haircut, we find ourselves with hair that is growing slower than we would like. But what can you do about it? What products make your hair grow faster?

Well, there are several options, and we’ll give an overview about some of them here.

Vitamin Supplements

Surprisingly, it’s not just hair care products that can help with hair growth. Naturally, some vitamins help foster hair growth as well. At the very least, studies have shown that Vitamin B and Vitamin B-12 Supplements can help your hair grow faster.

However, its effectiveness varies greatly from person to person. You might have to try something a little more “direct” in order to see a big difference.

Topical Treatments

There have been a few studies regarding various topical treatments that may lead to increased hair growth. However, it’s essential to remember that this subject has yet to be researched in great depth, so it’s not a guarantee that these things will work for you. Much like vitamin supplements, effectiveness varies from person to person.

Some research has revealed that caffeine, Minoxidil, and Biotin may improve hair growth. We’re sure you know what caffeine is already: it’s commonly found in chocolate, tea, and coffee. But topical caffeine is something many people need to become more familiar with. According to some studies, it may improve hair growth.

On the other hand, Minoxidil is a medication used specifically to combat hair loss. You can often acquire it over the counter as a topical treatment at a pharmacy. Some studies show that it not only helps prevent hair loss but also helps improve hair growth.

Finally, we have biotin. It’s a natural vitamin commonly found in nuts, meat, and eggs, among other foods. A few studies have investigated the effects of biotin on hair growth, and they did find that there is potential for benefit there. 

It’s worth noting, however, that these topical substances were mostly tested on people already suffering from hair loss. If you want your hair to grow faster but aren’t suffering from some particular ailment holding you back, they may not do much for you. So, the burning question is,  what can you do instead?

Store-Bought Products

The people who built their businesses and livelihoods on hair products probably know a thing or two about increasing hair growth. There are plenty of products offered by many different hair care companies that supposedly increase your natural hair growth.

Most of those products are supplements that simply provide your hair with a lot of what it needs to grow, such as protein, Vitamin B, Minoxidil, and other ingredients. However, it’s important to note that none of these products are magic, and they can’t override biology.

No matter what product you use, you aren’t going to grow four inches of hair overnight. Some products may work well for you, while others may need to be more effective. Everyone is different, and their bodies, hair included, interact with ingredients in a unique, and often unpredictable, way.

Be bold and try hair care products for increased hair growth: just be aware that they aren’t miracle cures guaranteed to have excellent results. Although, that doesn’t mean you won’t get awe-inspiring results either. There needs to be a way to know how well a product will work for you.

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