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What Exactly Is Vegan Collagen?

There are many new wellness innovations that are making the world a better place, with vegan collagen happening to be one of them. It is more than just a buzz too, it is here to stay.

But you may be asking, how can collagen be vegan? While traditionally, collagen is a protein that is found in your hair, nails, and bones—and often sourced from animals like beef or fish—the wonderful world of science has developed vegan collagen too.

We know, you are probably wondering how on earth this is even possible. That is why we are here to share all the top things to know when it comes to vegan collagen and how it can really enhance your own well-being and life.

How it Works

Let’s jump right into it and explain how collagen can actually be vegan. In contrast to the standard collagen products that are sourced from animals, vegan collagen is made in a lab by genetically modifying yeast and bacteria.

To do this, the human genes are coded for the vegan collagen to create the actual structures of the microbes. Once this is designed, the yeast and bacteria are able to literally produce the foundation for human collagen. Most commonly, the bacteria P. pastoris is used for this revolutionary vegan collagen.

The Benefits

Taking vegan collagen comes with many health benefits. Here are the top ones to look forward to.

1. More Affordable

Vegan collagen is actually much more affordable than other collagen products. This is because it can be designed in a lab and more easily mass-produced and scalable. Vegan collagen is certainly something to watch in the world of wellness products.

2. Reduces Risk of Allergens

When you make anything with animal products, there is always a greater risk of allergies. So with vegan collagen, that risk gets taken out completely. While animal collagen products come with the risk of illness, vegan collagen does not because it was created to perfection in a lab. And by being produced in a lab, it is made in a controlled environment where there is likely no common allergens present.

3. Revolutionizing the Industry

Not only does vegan collagen benefit you personally, it also benefits an entire industry. That is because it shows that with technology, there are effective and safe ways to produce pure collagen for a range of things—including dermatology treatments, tissue growth and even helping to heal wounds or tumors.

4. Environmentally Friendly

We all love this planet and want the best for it. Those who have committed to the vegan lifestyle will benefit from being able to access animal-free protein. Vegans will be able to benefit from collagen’s ability also to stimulate collagen production naturally too.

5. Improves Gut Health

Another benefit of vegan collagen is the fact that it can also help enhance your gut health, This is because you are consuming a purified product that does not have an as high a risk of contamination or bringing exterior animal illnesses into your own ecosystem. In turn, this will keep your gut healthier and less stressed. And with a happy gut comes enhanced health.

6. Enhance Your Skin Quality

Vegan collagen is able to enhance the quality of your skin. Naturally, our body uses collagen to keep our skin glowing and shiny. But naturally, as we age, our body produces less collagen on its own. So it is important to supplement that with vegan collagen instead. Doing so will give your body what it needs to keep your skin healthy, happy, and glowing,

The Difference Between Vegan and Animal Collagen

In general, collagen all does the same thing. While there is much more research going on around the exact differences between the two, there have been some preliminary studies that indicate vegan collagen could actually be better in many aspects. Not only is it safer because it was produced in a lab setting, but there is less risk of allergens or illnesses being contaminated in the collagen.

Where to Get Vegan Collagen

Vegan collagen is here to stay. Not only has this product become much more available and easy to purchase online, but it is also something that is setting the standards for the beauty and wellness industry in general.

We all deserve to have clean healthcare products. So when it comes to having the ability to get vegan collagen and less risk of being exposed to harmful contaminants and toxins, you should always consider going for that.

From being able to improve the quality of your gut health to getting glowing skin, there are so many benefits to enjoy from vegan collagen.

You do not have to be a vegan to reap these benefits either. Vegan collagen boosters are able to give your body the extra dose of vitamin C, zinc, and other minerals to boost your collagen and help you live a more holistic life.

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