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Wouldn't it be better to know what a man wants in a woman and just avoid the heartbreaks and be the perfect fit for the man of your dreams?

What Do Men Want in a Woman?

Wouldn’t it be better to know what a man wants in a woman and just avoid the heartbreaks and be the perfect fit for the man of your dreams?

Relationship expert, Henry Donald says, “there are attributes all men want in a woman, and if women know them, they can effortlessly make their way into the heart of any man.”

Along with our experts, let’s show you the never-changing things men want in a woman. See them below:

1. Kindness

Kindness is an attribute that’ll never fail to attract most men. This holds true because men believe, in our society, they’re loved for what they can provide. However, a man wants to be sure that you’ll love him whatever the situation may be. 

You can demonstrate kindness by being thoughtful, considerate, or showing concern for him and others without expecting any reward. This way, you’ll have him by your side for a long time.

2. An Attractive Woman

Until this day, men are moved by what they see. Your look is the first thing he sees in you whether you’re just meeting or have been together for 20 years. So endeavor to look presentable and attractive irrespective of how long you’ve been together. 

Make out time to shop for new dresses, have a new hairdo, and wear good perfumes. Moreover, on some days when you’re alone with your man, decide to dress to kill. It’ll give him the impression that you still care about what he thinks of you.

3. Independence

As much as men want to feel desired and needed by the women they want to be with, they also appreciate independent women; women who are self-sufficient in the true sense of the word. 

An independent woman is attractive because she’s never desperate. She can give herself stability and make her dreams come true without the help of any man. “Relationship psychology has revealed that the more a woman can do for herself, the more her man wants to do for her, the more she can be by herself, the more her man wants to be with her,” says Cedric Laman, a sociologist.

You can demonstrate that you’re independent by continuously setting a career goal for yourself and hitting the same, no matter how little. You can also treat yourself to dinner, or go shopping by yourself.  

By letting him see that you run your world, he’ll run after you. 

4. Genuineness

“In my opinion, men are more stricken by authentic women than sexy women,” says Paula Rays, a relationship expert and author. “And this is because confidence is super alluring,” she adds. 

Even on your first date, you can knock him off with your genuineness by giving honest answers to his questions or by wearing your preferred fashion style. Don’t ever fake it for him to like you. 

Being your true self differentiates you from all other women, which can be very refreshing for him to see. 

Whether it’s the topic you talk about on social media or your interests, be that woman who isn’t afraid to be herself. 

5. Confidence

Due to what distrust and insecurity can cause in a relationship, men prioritize confidence in women when seeking a life partner. 

“No man wants to be with a woman who’s never going to believe him when he says; you’re beautiful, I love you, I’ll be back in two minutes. This holds true because a relationship tinted with insecurity and distrust can be quite exhausting and eventually leads to separation or divorce.” 

Be that self-confident woman as this just makes you super easy to love.

6. A Good Partner for Life

Men who are in a serious relationship want a woman they can take to the alter. Such a woman can execute the typical wifely duties, including offering him support while going through difficult moments in life, creating a family with him, and giving him stability.

Besides, whether you’re in a relationship where you both believe in marriage or not, offer him your friendship, warmth, and assistance cause men will always want a good partner in their woman.

7. A Spontaneous Woman

A spontaneous woman keeps a man excited regardless of how long their relationship may have been. This quality makes a man want to keep her. 

Be adventurous, and don’t shy away from trying new things with your man, whether going on a vacation in a new city or purchasing adult toys and even an erotic phone line to spice up your sex life. Being adventurous simply makes you hard to resist.

8. A Woman They Can Share Their Problems With

A woman who never fails to give a listening ear would keep her man any day. 

Research has shown that men derive a special feeling from having their women listen to their problems than their friends doing the same. So when you notice your man brooding, take your time to ask him what he may be going through. Don’t humiliate him for his challenges. Instead, be supportive of him.

This attribute wouldn’t only change his mood or even bring him the solution he needs but make you an indisposable asset in his eyes.

9. Intelligent Woman

Men may be visual creatures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want an intelligent woman for a partner. They actually love a woman with broad knowledge and specialty and who offers good advice when at a crossroads. 

Therefore as a woman who wants to keep her man’s attention, don’t be timid about having intelligent conversations with your partner. Let him know you know investment, business, and have knowledge about current affairs or whatever you know. It’ll leave your man in awe of you.

10. Woman Who Can Laugh

Research has shown that men can make people laugh than women. Thus, they want a woman who can giggle at their jokes or possibly crack one, too.

Laughter creates a positive atmosphere for love to thrive; therefore, don’t hide your smile or laughter from your man, as this will help him feel the positive energy from you for him to want to be with you.

Finally, a mixture of the above attributes will not only help you find a great man but also help you keep him for a lifetime. 

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