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Have you thought about buying an e-cigarette or vape device? Get started on the right foot with these helpful vaping tips for anyone new to vapes.

5 Vaping Tips for Beginners

Vaping is not overly complicated, and that’s one thing that makes the practice attractive. Whether you’re using a disposable vape pen or just got a shiny new desktop device from Storz & Bickel during their summer volcano vaporizer sale, once you’ve read and followed the instructions on the box, all that’s left is for you to breathe in and enjoy.

That said, some tips can help a beginner get more out of their vaping experience, especially if you are a beginner who has started vaping recently.

Mind your batteries

Battery safety is very important, especially if you carry vaping devices or keep them in your car. Damaged batteries can fry your vaping device, catch on fire, and even explode — the battery is the most dangerous part of any vaping device.

Luckily, it’s not hard to stay safe. Don’t use batteries that look melted, expanded, or deformed in any way. Also, avoid batteries that have been bent or pierced. Finally, make sure you don’t let your device or your spare batteries sitting on your dashboard or locked inside a hot car — heat can make the batteries expand, at which point you’ll need to dispose of them.

Explosions and fires caused by everyday batteries are pretty rare, as batteries have internal safeties to prevent both. But it’s still best to play it safe. Also avoid buying suspiciously cheap batteries, as they might be cutting costs by skipping some of those aforementioned internal safeties.

Keep things clean

Since vape smoke goes directly into your lungs, keeping anything in the path of the smoke and your e-liquid clean is important. Ensure you’re properly cleaning your device once a month, and be mindful of storing e-liquids in containers used for other purposes, as it might contaminate the liquid.

Or you can skip all of these issues by using disposable vapes pen instead. Those are sold with e-liquid already in them, and you can throw them away after you’re done, eliminating any need for cleaning.

Find the right device for you.

As a beginner, it is perfectly fine to go for a budget vaping device to get a feel for what vaping is like. But after that initial trial period, make sure you take the time to learn a bit about the different types of devices and what they can do for you. Your vaping experience will be greatly impacted by the hardware you choose to use, and you don’t want to limit your options by sticking to a beginner device for far too long.

Also, remember that some devices are noisier than others, and some devices produce less smoke than others. And if you are willing to pay a premium, there are some very discreet vaping devices out there, perfect for situations where you don’t want to draw strange looks from people.

Avoid cheap e-liquids

Just like batteries, any e-liquids that look suspiciously cheap should be avoided. The web is filled with cheap e-liquids produced in less-than-ideal conditions. Inhaling contaminated e-liquids will be uncomfortable at best and can land you in a hospital at worst.

Switch flavors regularly

Vaping the same e-liquid flavor for long periods can cause something called Vaper’s Tongue. It isn’t a big issue; all it does is render you unable to taste that one e-liquid flavor. Switching flavors for a while will fix the issue, but it’s best to prevent it to begin with by having at least two flavors of e-liquid in your regular rotation.

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