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What do you know about vision protection in the workplace? Less than you think. Unpack your knowledge by learning these myths about safety glasses!

Top 5 Myths About Safety Glasses

You may have heard the term safety glasses quite often. Your eyes are one of the most vital organs. Therefore, ensuring that they are healthy, fit, and fine should be your prime concern. People use safety glasses for this purpose. However, there are some common myths about these safety glasses that need to be busted, and reality should come to the forefront.

You should understand the usage of these safety glasses and what are the common myths people associate with them so you should stay protected from these myths. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on breaking the common myths associated with safety glasses.

Before we begin with the myths about safety glasses, let us get a brief about safety glasses and their uses.

What are Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses are protective eyewear used to protect your eyes from harmful agents and the areas surrounding your eyes. They prevent the entry of water inside your eyes and access to toxic chemicals.

People use safety glasses in chemical laboratories and in the woodwork industry. You may also find their usage in snow sports, swimming, etc.

People who frequently use drills or chainsaws also use safety glasses to protect their eyes from significant damage. Safety glasses can also be used by people who have vision issues.

myths about safety glasses

Uses of Safety Glasses

If you are exposed to jobs where your eyes may be exposed to potential damage, you may need to wear safety glasses. Protection of your eyes from injury, heat and other external substances is essential. For the same purpose, the introduction of safety glasses took place. The primary goal that safety glasses serve are:

1. Protect your eyes against foreign agents and debris

While using safety glasses, you can prevent harmful objects from entering and damaging your eyes. In construction, welding, mining, and maintenance work, your eyes are exposed to toxic foreign agents. Protective glasses protect your eyes from these situations.

2. Protect your eyes against extreme bright light

High-intensity lights can be damaging to your eyes. Therefore, you can prevent the entry of high-intensity lights inside your eyes. The source of these lights can be motorcycles, lasers, torches, etc.

3. Prevent serious eye illness

If you are involved in jobs that require sitting in front of a computer screen for long hours, you may lose your vision or your eyes may become weak. Therefore, using these eye lenses will prevent severe illness and protect your eyes from damage.

4. Protection against chemicals and pesticides

If you work in industries that lead to subsequent exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals, you may need to protect your eyes from severe damage. Therefore, putting protective eyewear becomes essential so that your eyes stay away from any damage.

Now that you understand the basic concept as well as the usage of best safety glasses, you may need to get an insight into the common myths associated with the use of these safety wears.

myths about safety glasses

Myths About Safety Glasses

1. Wearing safety glasses ensures protection against all hazards

A common myth about using safety glasses is that they protect you from all the related risks. This isn’t true in most cases. These safety glasses fail to protect against airborne particles and splashes of liquids. Safety glasses also fail to provide high-impact protection.

2. Wearing safety classes can affect your eyesight

Wearing safety glasses will not damage your eyes or cause any vision problems. Their normal usage will not cause any damage. However, if the surface of your mirrors is scratched, it may undoubtedly impact your vision. Your glasses should always be clean and safe from any scratches on the surface.

3. You may use tinted lenses to get protection against damage by UV rays

This common myth holds no meaning as the coating over glasses that protects from UV radiation is clear. Also, you can use ordinary plastic materials to block these UV radiations. Tinted glasses are for improving the look and providing comfort to the person using them. It is not at all necessary that you need to have tinted glasses for protection from UV rays.

4. You can use standard prescription glasses in place of safety glasses

This is a wrong idea that you may get. Standard prescription glasses can be made of different materials such as plastic or glass. These materials cannot withstand the harsh impact of the surrounding materials and are prone to damage.

The use of any material for safety glasses should not be practiced. There are specific standards and rules that the material should follow. The lens material should have a certain thickness and also have side protection. Therefore, you cannot replace safety glasses with just any other standard glass and expect them to provide the safety and security that you desire.

5. You don’t need safety glasses outside your workplace

People believe that the primary source of eye injuries is your workplace. Hence, wearing safety glasses will safeguard you from all kinds of damage. This isn’t true. You may be exposed to harmful substances outside your workplace and escaping the toxic substances over there is also much more essential. Eye injuries can occur anywhere, even at your home. You can also encounter eye injuries while cleaning products, gardening, working in a shop, etc.

myths about safety glasses

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there is a long, never-ending list of all the myths associated with safety glasses. You should never believe such myths and understand that you should apply practical knowledge and then accept any of the myths.

We as humans have the tendency to believe all the facts put forth to us without understanding their relevance and testing if they are real or fake. You should always perform thorough research, read books, or search on the internet and then burst the bubble of all such myths. These myths are the reason behind the wrong usage or abuse of all the useful materials.


Using safety glasses is a common practice in the workplace. Your eyes are a vital organ. Hence, their protection should be ensured at any cost. For the same purpose, many different kinds of protective glasses are introduced on the market.

You can use these and protect your eyes from damage. However, there is an excellent long list of all the myths that people have related to the use of these glasses. One must not believe any such myth and perform research on their end during the segregation of wrong from right. After knowing the facts and bursting the myths, if you want to buy safety glasses, you can visit Rx Safety USA.

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