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Five common myths about skill-based money games

The world of online gaming is too vast which offers a variety of games that allows its players experience excitement and enjoyment altogether. With exhilaration and fun offered, the world also brings some unconventional myths that might create misbelief in its players. But before you take any seriously, First Games would like to make you look into these five common myths about skill-based money games that are as follows-

Skill-based money games can make you bankrupt– This is a common myth that you would arrive often to your ears. Since these money games involve skill and money altogether, people say these games are not for everyone and make you addicted and lead to bankruptcy. Though the truth is far away from this, undoubtedly these games demand being skilful, and are money-based, but ask for your consent as well. Indeed, various skills would be needed, but it’s not necessary that you start playing from the highest level, if you are a beginner, you should first try free games. Then hone your skills and steadily grow in the world of online gaming. Now when you have earned the required skills and are confident enough, then only go for money-based games. This is how you will amplify your money instead of being bankrupt.

Skill-based games keep you busy throughout the day– Again, this is an unbelievable myth as these games are keener on developing your skills and less on wasting your time. You may hear that these games make you addicted and keep you busy throughout the day, but this is completely wrong as many games offer time-limit for their players. Moreover, you can also limit your playing time by keeping yourself disciplined. Distraction is just a state of mind and you can control it if you want. You need to understand these games are meant for fun, not a wastage of time. Once you have earned enough money or taken full enjoyment, you should leave the game at the same moment. So, whoever says this, you don’t have to put your ears to this kind of rumour. Focus on developing your skills rather than making it your passion and getting dependent on it.

Skill-based games can affect your productivity– Would you ever believe this controversial statement i.e. which is something skill-based can affect productivity? Hopefully not as the kind of skills you learn from these games help in your daily life rather than limiting your productivity. Remember these games help you develop discipline, time management, financial management and much more which can help you make your day productive. These games enable you to focus only on the final result and ignore obstacles aside. Also, you develop an analytical assessment of situations that may work for you around the clock. Whether it’s games or your personal work, if you are able to assess anything analytically, it would surely give you desired results. You also learn time management and this would help you when you have multiple tasks at the same time. Again, it would be better to avoid such a myth if you are an integral part of online gaming.

Skill-based money games are less beneficial– It is said that skill-based games like online rummy games are less beneficial. There might be games where you lose can lose endless money or you can’t redeem coins or chips if they are such kind of games. On the contrary, these would be beneficial only when you win these games. There could be the possibility of such rules, but these rules are always shown to players and online gaming platform keeps them informed with full transparency. The platform recommends its every player that plays the practice mode before playing real money games so that players would get confidence while playing the practice mode. During practice mode, players will understand how to play efficiently in real money games. Making skill-based games beneficial depends on the abilities of players rather than those games.

Skill-based money games develop fear failure– It is said that in skill-based money games, fear failure tendency gets developed. It goes without saying that fear of failure is a part of any game. Whether you win or lose, games are meant for fun and spending leisure time. If a person is playing an online money game the player can spend time but can’t make money out of it and if a person plays a real money game and wins by defeating the fear and executing the skills and strategies properly, that person makes money out of it. The key thing here is you don’t have to worry about the fear of failure factor and concentrate on learning how best you can play a game. Thinking about failure will certainly not make you a pro in this field. And this factor exists everywhere, so go for playing your game without thinking too much.

Why do you need to know these myths?

Learning these myths will always help stay confident and effective in the online gaming world. As much information you carry about money games, you will not be fooled and also play smartly. Since these games are keener on making you productive rather than looting your money or wasting your time. Myths are part of online gaming and there could be possibility that you may hear about them often, but it depends on you how you take them. The key thing that will help you here is your self-judgement. Trust your decision-making skills and you will be able to decide which are myths and which are truths. Avoid any distraction that comes your way while playing skill-based money games. Focus on improving your skills because nothing will enable you to learn skills in a fun and enjoyable way.


It is very important to play skill-based online games safely and smartly and you can do this only when you are completely aware of the myths that prevail in this world. The above-mentioned myths are to make you aware of misbeliefs that may surface often while playing these games. Stay informed and play with your consciousness and believe only your mind and eyes. 

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