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The next time you’re on Tinder, you’ll know what to say and you’ll have fun starting a conversation. This information is crucial so don't miss out!

Slide into those DMs: Our guide to starting a conversation on Tinder

Tinder is a digital social networking dating platform people utilize to connect with other persons of interest. It allows folks to like profiles, dislike photos while getting matched with other users and exchange messages. Of course, the information beginning this article is merely for people who might not be so familiar with the platform. But for those of us who’ve been calling it home for a while, you’re ready to dive into the content!

Not being too different from its fellow platform counterparts, starting a conversation on Tinder involves precise rules and etiquette that will guide your communication. Some rules hail from the venues themselves i.e. no crass language. Other regulations are self-determined assuming people know how best to communicate on such platforms. 

However, the conversation itself usually isn’t the problem. The challenge is beginning the conversation. We’ll walk you through such a challenge through our guide. You’ll uncover some of the most effective communication starter techniques. The next time you’re on the platform, you’ll know what to say and you’ll have fun starting a conversation on Tinder. 

Profile review

You’ll want to thoroughly review the profile before starting any conversation on Tinder. Review your match’s profile. It’s not good to start a conversation without getting an idea of the recipient’s personality. Even if we try to hide, we always give at least a little bit of ourselves away on social media. 

This step will take about ten to twenty seconds of your time, and involves observing the match’s bio. You’ll be able to tell if you’ll make a good connection with a match on Tinder just by observing the profile. For instance, if someone lists four out of five things you don’t like or can’t relate to, you might not have anything in common. 

If the person has more in common with you, however, it indicates that there will more than likely be lots to talk about amid chatting online. Now, as a warning, not everyone reveals their essential details on their bio. You’ll have to decide if you want to proceed with the little knowledge you have which will always be your choice. 

Don’t play hard to get

To get things right, starting a conversation on Tinder, you might have to be the one making the first move. The first move includes sending the message. You really can’t get the best out of Tinder by only swiping and scrolling through profiles hoping that someone reaches out to you first. It just doesn’t work for everyone. 

Taking the first step will help you write your message which is important because the more you do so, the better you’ll become. Nike said it best: “Just do it.” Now, you’ve found your match on Tinder. Just send that message and stop worrying if they’ll respond or not. 

Bring emotion

Part of successfully starting a conversation on Tinder is beginning with an honest compliment. Just pick something nice you’ve observed about the match, and make it the starting point of your discussion. It will evoke your match’s emotions. You’ll grasp their attention and get interesting replies.

Evoking emotions via a compliment will make them feel excited at the prospect of talking to you. Make them feel happy by saying something funny, and honest comments that tell them it’s okay to be comfortable with you. Remember, you can make your match on Tinder feel any kind of way with just your initial conversation. 


One of the most notable features when it comes to a Tinder profile is the bio. It gives you a glimpse of the stranger’s personality. When you observe someone’s bio, always be on the lookout for those little details giving away information about them. Those little hints can be implemented into your first message. 

When someone reads a message with such information, it speaks of your intentionality, showing your consideration for their interest. It gives them a hint that you’re a great listener which is always needed in a lasting relationship. 

Looking for more ways of starting a conversation on Tinder? Just let us know and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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