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Your trophy could end up in the hands of an untrained taxidermist. Here are 7 steps to choose the best taxidermy for your trophy.

7 Steps to Choose the Best Taxidermy for your Trophy

If your trophy ends up in the hands of an untrained taxidermist who cannot be held accountable for improper treatment, there would be severe repercussions. 

If you choose the incorrect taxidermist before going hunting, and you end up paying for the mount and receive trophies that are damaged or badly done, there is little you can do.

Your trophy should be a source of immense pride and evokes fond recollections of your hunt. But unfortunately, it is also expensive. Therefore, selecting the best taxidermy in the world is imperative.

Furthermore, remember that this item will be displayed in your house or business and will serve as a reminder of a significant historical event. This “work of art” will be seen for the remainder of your life. 

So, you should give it some thought and keep reading for 7 steps to choose the best taxidermy for your trophy.

7 Steps to Choose the Best Taxidermy in the world for your Trophy

Do your research

Utilize the Internet to your benefit. An Internet search for taxidermists in your region. Then, investigate their websites and read internet reviews to learn more about their companies.

Ask the right questions

Professional taxidermists should not have any issues answering questions, including these:

  • Where did you get training in taxidermy?
  • Since when have you been doing taxidermy?
  • How long does it take to receive my mount?
  • What is the price range for my request?

Do not trust pictures posted online – inspect the showroom in person

After locating a few taxidermist studios in your region, visit them to meet the staff, see the facilities, and view the work in person. 

Professional taxidermists are approachable and well-informed. Furthermore, they ought to be eager to offer you a tour and display samples of their work.

While strolling around, examine the facility’s quality and cleanliness. Examine the completed mounts to see whether they are realistic. In addition, the stances and facial expressions should also convey a narrative.

Consider the taxidermist’s niche

Each taxidermist has their own specialty. They may deny it, but it is true. Together, technology, time, and need have led to the development of several taxidermy forms, each with its own distinct applications and specializations. 

Consider what type of trophy you want

You could choose various mount mounts, or you could have a full-size piece or groups. You should consider a taxidermist specializing in the type of trophy you want and how you want it displayed, as not all professional taxidermists have the same niche.

Evaluate the turnaround time

For most hunters and taxidermists, the turnaround time for receiving completed work is a major concern. Therefore, always inquire when you could expect to get your trophy, and always remember that it is an estimate.

Consider the price

A ridiculously low price could indicate inexperience or that the taxidermist is experimenting. However, the most expensive taxidermist does not indicate that they do the best work. 

You must therefore gauge a reasonable price for your trophy by researching and talking to others who have had taxidermy done and even professionals who can guide you.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to choose the best candidate for your taxidermy job. Just as you worked hard to get a once-in-a-lifetime trophy, you should pick the best taxidermy in the world to preserve the memory.

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