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Sens: the Latest Artisanal Candle Experience

Humans have enjoyed candles for more than 5000 years. Whether it be for their ability to improve mood or simply the beauty of their flickering light, this artisanal beacon continues to enchant us to this day. The creation of these light sources, even with our modern-day technology, remains an art instead of a science – an art only a small number of manufacturers have truly mastered.

SENS Candle Co is all too cognizant of the work required to produce candles of the highest caliber. The candlemakers at this luxury candle brand hand-pour each perfectly crafted mix with love and care in order to produce a wax mixture with an aroma unique to each candle. SENS stands out from other candle brands on the market due to the long-lasting nature of their candles’ scents and vision for the future of the industry.

Why Candles?

Candles have a natural beauty that our appreciation for has not diminished with the passage of time. While they are no longer needed for their original purpose of illumination (such as in homes or temples, where natural light could not reach), candles have been adapted for a number of contemporary uses, including relaxing, reminiscing, and creating a mood.

The subtle movement of a dancing flame can create a cozy and relaxing ambiance that is capable of transporting us to a different place, while the scent produced by these artisanal candles is commonly associated with a feeling of being safe and at home. These small delights can prove to be great sources of happiness in the user’s life.

Another popular reason for the use of candles is the memories that their aromas can evoke. Due to the powerful link between the senses of sight and smell, the fragrance produced when a candle is lit can take us back to events in our past that have long since been forgotten. For example, a cinnamon-scented candle might be able to transport a user back to their childhood kitchen where they would bake cinnamon rolls with their grandparents.

An Artisanal Candle Experience

A Miami-based luxury candle brand, SENS sets itself apart from the competition by providing the most intense fragrances money can buy. Each candle is prepared lovingly by hand in order to reach you in perfect condition. SENS endeavors to provide an environmentally sustainable alternative to its competitors by keeping its candles all-natural with wooden wicks and eco-friendly wax.

The devil is in the details, and the same is true with SENS’s candles – which are presented in one of six uniquely designed ceramic vessels to match any home wonderfully. Each pot is filled with its own characteristic fragrance and accompanied by a short story to explain its inspiration. This, by itself, places SENS in a league of its own – above the sea of glass vessels in which standard candles are customarily presented.

SENS’s Caribbean Teak fragrance, for example, contains top notes of almond and leather, alongside middle notes of teakwood, amber, shea, and coconut. These scents are able to stimulate the limbic system within our brains, which regulates the production of mood-influencing hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Furthermore, these smells are able to directly improve and strengthen the relationship present between emotions, scents, and memories.

Copyright: SENS

About SENS

SENS is the brainchild of Michael Romero – a renowned commercial photographer that has worked in collaboration with several notable brands, including the eminent jewelry vendor Miansai most recently. Feeling the time was right to make a transition away from the jewelry brand, Romero decided to bring his visual and branding experience to the candle-making industry.

By weaving his love for visuals into his work with SENS, Romero has been able to elevate the branding for this company to another level. He masterfully encapsulates the essence of SENS’s candles in his marketing by demonstrating their ability to provide an intense fragrance as well as occupy their space beautifully.

Closing Thoughts

Candles possess a special ability to relax and rejuvenate in a way that is difficult to empirically define. Despite this, to enjoy the full extent of their associated benefits, it is important to purchase these products from a luxury brand such as SENS. This company crafts its artisanal products by hand to produce the most pleasurable experience for its customers.

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