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Best seed banks that ship to Australia

To increase your chances of getting the marijuana seeds you want to grow, you should order only from seed banks that ship to Australia and the rest of the region. Oftentimes, Australian customers are unable to get their orders by mail because of their location; not all seed banks ship to Australia and New Zealand! Others may ship worldwide but ask for very expensive shipping fees. So, if you live in Australia and you want to grow the best quality weed, make sure to order your seeds only from the following seed bank online.


Top 3 Cannabis Seed Banks that Ship to Australia

Here are the best seed banks that deliver to Australia.

Crop King Seeds – Our Pick


  • With regular free shipping deals and free seeds for qualified orders
  • Stealth delivery options
  • Highest germination rates at 80%
  • 24/7 customer service via chat
  • Multiple payments available
  • Large catalog of popular seeds and seeds strains
  • High Trustpilot rating
  • Complete contact information AVAILABLE
  • Will deliver to the USA


  • Only a few mix and match seeds
  • Does not accept PayPal payments

Available Deals and Promos

Crop King Seeds have on-going promos on shipping and free seeds. Customers who purchase $200 total or more upon checkout get free shipping no matter where they are located. Also, customers who purchase $420 total or more will get free ten seeds. There are other promos and deals but most are available only during special occasions and holidays.

Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank that delivers to Australia and other hard-to-reach countries. It is a seed bank company that started in 2005 which also grows its own strains for medical and recreational use.

Crop King Seeds pack their products in tight containers to preserve their freshness and top quality. This seed bank has all the classic strains and they do all they can to add more new hybrid strains to their catalog. If you are new to growing and shopping for cannabis seeds, we recommend that you buy from Crop King Seeds because their products are very organized. It is easy to find exactly what you need.

Crop King Seeds have autoflowering, feminized, regular, CBD medical, and mix and match seeds. They accept a variety of payment options and ship their seeds using stealth delivery to any part of the world. It is also easy to contact the company as you can call, email, chat, or use the customer feedback form found on their site.

I Love Growing Marijuana [ILGM] – Buy 10 get 10 FREE


  • With a wide variety of seeds and seeds strains to choose from
  • Also sells growing equipment including fertilizers, supplements, soil, and more
  • Gives free growing journals, downloadable and easy to follow
  • Learn about the best and the worst strains with strain reviews
  • With local cannabis growing information
  • Offers information on local cannabis-related businesses
  • With special promos and offers
  • Orders are discretely packed
  • With free shipping in the US
  • Very high Trustpilot rating


  • Hardly any disadvantages

Available Deals and Promos

ILGM offers regular deals and promos and right now, it has a special buy ten get ten seeds for free when you buy White Widow Autoflower, White Widow Feminized, Super Silver Haze Feminized, Super Skunk Feminized, and many more. Special discounts are also available for their Seed Variety Packs, Complete Grow Kits, and more.

ILGM has a vast collection of cannabis seeds and seed strains and it’s easier to find what you need from ILGM’s classification. You’ll find popular seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, beginner seeds (forgiving seeds strains), high-yielding seeds, high  THC seeds, high CBD seeds, mix packs, and seeds according to climate (outdoor, indoor, sunny, cool, temperate and so many more.

MSNL Seed Bank


  • Get free new seeds, special discounts, and free delivery offers
  • With a wide variety of seed types available
  • Receive free seeds for every order, an additional 15% off on orders paid using Bitcoin
  • You can join the MSNL Reward Program for frequent shoppers
  • With classic strains and new strains
  • Offers a wide variety of payment methods including cash and Bitcoin
  • With free guides
  • With different shipping options
  • Orders are shipped  within the day excluding bank holidays and weekends


  • Does not accept PayPal
  • No returns accepted

Available Deals and Promos

MSNL offers the best promos and deals on the most popular strains. There are special promo prices every month and free seeds for every order. Some seeds are sold for half the price, while special discounts are given to Bitcoin users like 15% off on orders.

MSNL is one of the most established seed bank companies. It was started in 1999 by two friends who decided to cultivate cannabis seeds using the different strains that they have acquired over many years of smoking and trading all over Australia and Europe.

With MSNL, you can purchase cannabis seeds online have it sent to your home using stealth shipment. All growers at MSNL spent countless hours making sure that all the seeds sold have the best value. Finally, you can trust that all the seeds available have the best quality. You can also stay ahead of everyone and find out the latest releases, sales, and promos by joining MSNL’s official newsletter.

Grower’s Choice also has special discounts and deals available. Currently, there are special wholesale prices for special strains like Cannatonic while some seeds are on sale like CBD Critical Mango, Bubba Kush Feminized, and Afghan Auto-Flowering Feminized seeds.

All seeds from Grower’s Choice will be shipped inside medical-grade glass mini vials and are backed with the highest germination rates. All deliveries are also shipped fast and discretely to all states in the US and Australia. You can also look forward to new strains released regularly.

The following are the most frequently asked questions about seed banks that ship to Australia.

  • What currency do cannabis seed banks use?

All seed banks online use USD as currency as this is the most widely-accepted currency. When you pay for your orders, the seed bank will automatically calculate the cost according to your local currency.

  • Are there special shipping fees when shipping orders to Australia?

Some seed banks that ship to Australia have special shipping fees for customers. You must first check the shipping fee/price before you place your orders. Some seed banks may claim to have free shipping abroad but check the price. You might be paying more rather than saving money in the long run.

  • Will seeds be seized at the border or airport?

As long as you use stealth shipping, your seeds won’t be seized at the airport. To completely protect your seeds orders, you must choose stealth shipping instead of regular shipping. And as much as possible, include tracking so you will know where your seeds are. Stealth shipping and tracking come as an additional expense.

  • How are cannabis seeds germinated?

There are many ways to germinate cannabis seeds but the most widely-accepted one is by moist paper towels. Seeds are placed between layers of moist paper towels and are covered for days. The seeds will germinate in just a few days. The sprouting seeds must remain in total darkness during the time it’s germinating or else, these may delay sprouting. You must never open the covered plates; just take a peek once a day to spray water on the paper towels.

  • How many cannabis seeds is a customer allowed to purchase?

There is no limited amount of cannabis seeds you can purchase from online seed banks. You may also order cannabis seeds in bulk or wholesale. Seeds are available in packs of five and ten while some may have fifteen or more seeds in one pack.

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