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Saving money is a crucial skill. Here are some tips on how to increase your salary by making a few subtle changes.

Saving Tips for Your Children Education

One of the foremost priorities for parents is to find a way to finance their children education. The average parent will pay about one-third of the college costs, even though they cannot afford the entire bill. It is more complicated given that there may be more than one child.

How can a parent raise enough money for their child when tuition costs are increasing? The funds have a chance to grow and compound if the funds are started early. Really the most important task is to start. Yes, just to start. Current situations or bills might give us a reason not to start, but the best option is to commit to starting. Finding “free money” is also paramount. Free money refers to money that is not already committed or allocated.

It is understandable that families might fall into this trap, but it is important for children to establish the savings habit while they are young. Helping them understand the concept of delayed gratification when it comes to money can help them avoid unnecessary spending and learn to value establishing control of their money.

Textbook recycling:

It is possible to recycle and reuse old books. Probably the first thing you will think of is selling books. You can find a variety of used textbook selling sites, but popular ones include Amazon and Bulk Bookstore. It never hurts to have more cash in your budget. Selling your textbooks can be a great way to fund this. You won’t only be able to pass the books on to someone who needs them, but you’ll also be able to boost your savings account a little.

Use student discount:

There is a student discount on a product or service that is exclusive to students. Student discounts tend to be a percentage of the total price, but can also include offers such as free trials or buy-one-get-one-free. Companies provide student discounts in recognition that students tend to have less money. Brands are also interested in building long-term loyalty with young consumers. Student discounts are not always made obvious by companies, so students should always ask about them. Shopping sites like Amazon usually have promotion activities i.e. Back To School that student will have lots of discounts to save a lot. 

Using old school supplies:

Before rushing out to your local convenience store, take a look at the back-to-school list distributed by the school and see if you already have any of the items on the list. Cross these items off. Do you think your children’s markers will have enough ink to last until the end of the year? Do one of your older children have an old smock they can pass down to a younger sibling? It might be worthwhile to take a look around the house before heading out to the stores because chances are you can cross a lot off your list without dropping a dime.

Take advantage of coupon codes:

After you’ve exhausted your supply of back-to-school goods from your house and searched for the best deals online, you’re finally ready to go to the stores. Be sure to check your neighborhood fliers and internet deals for coupons before you go. CouponBirds is a platform where you can search for coupon codes. When shopping online, you can always search for coupons on CouponBirds or use coupon extension CouponBirds SmartCoupon Finder.

Free transportation for students:

It is possible to improve a student’s attendance by using free and reliable transportation. It is also helpful to save some extra money for your children education.  And these same students will learn the benefits of using public transportation.


You would be surprised how quickly money will start to accumulate if you implement some or all of these items into a savings plan. Most of these items are designed to not force you to change your current budget or make a substantial sacrifice. Once money starts to accumulate, there will be a positive energy that will encourage further savings.

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