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Are you looking to level up your selfie game? Learn the facts about ring lights and how they can make your selfies look professional!

Can ring lights make selfies better?

Selfies are a big part of every influencer’s social media strategy. No feed on Instagram or account is complete without a decent selfie. Through the selfie, people can introduce themselves to their audience on social media. But they can also post the selfie to share a cute makeup look, a new outfit, a change in style, or a personal note. 

Since social media is the best way to bring people that are far apart closer together, the selfie is the best way to let people get a glimpse of you in person. That is why we know the selfie is here to stay. But how do you take the best possible selfie? And can ring lights make selfies better?

The history of the selfie

You probably won’t believe it, but the very first selfie is credited to Robert Cornelius in 1839! His picture was the first self-portrait at the very beginning of photography. Of course, it wasn’t quite the same as the selfies nowadays. 

He had to start up the camera, run into the frame and stand still for a very long time for the picture to have an effect. Nowadays, selfies are easier than ever with timers, filters, and a ring light with a stand and phone holder

The first picture that was taken like the selfie we know today was back in 1920. It was of five photographers and it was taken with an analog camera that was so heavy that it needed to be held up by multiple men. After this, and with the improvements of camera techniques, self-portraits became more popular over the years.

As you can see, selfies are not a new invention. But the introduction of smartphones did give it its current popularity. Taking pictures of yourself has never been more accessible or easy as it is today. And with all the effects, tutorials, and tools that are available nowadays, taking a good selfie is possible for everyone. 

What are ring lights?

A good picture needs a few key ingredients. The angle needs to be right, the background and the main topic need to be interesting and the lighting has to be perfect. Lighting has always been a problem in photography. Shooting a good picture is preferable done in daylight since indoor lighting is often not flattering or sufficient. 

But you only have a few hours a day that the lighting is good enough. The flash function on your camera or smartphone usually isn’t very flattering and it’s recommended not to use it. But luckily, you can fix the lighting issues with ring lights!

A ring light is a portable light made up of LEDs. The light ring is available in different types. You have the selfie ring light that can be clipped around the camera on your phone with one simple click. But there is also a ring light with a stand and phone holder. This is a set-up where you can place your camera in the middle of the ring light for the best possible lighting. Now you have the best possible lighting in any situation and at every location. 

The ring light distributes the light perfectly without giving off unwanted shadows or lines and you have excellent lighting for your selfies, or any other picture, whether you are indoors or outside or whether it is daytime or nighttime. 

The benefits of ring lights

Ring lights are quite essential for everyone that wants to improve their photography. It gives you the best possible lighting in any situation without dragging along big studio lights and reflectors. And they are so easy to use. You can charge them before use through USB. The cable is included in the package. 

If you are ready to use it, you can set it up or you can simply click it on and adjust the settings to your liking. Most selfie ring lights have settings like warm light, cold light, or warm-cold light. You can also adjust the intensity of the light to make your pictures even more perfect.

Most selfie lights work alike and it is easy to use and to set up. The selfie ring light is lightweight and small, you can take it with you wherever you go. This way you will always have the best possible lighting for any selfie. 

And if you have a ring light with a stand and phone holder, you can create a good set-up somewhere at home that you can use whenever you want to take some pictures. It’s like having your private studio at home!

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